Nov 04, 2020

What are Benefits of Disposable Temporary Phone Numbers |

Most of people cannot imagine their life without a telephone nowadays. Smartphones became an essential part of every-day activities. They have not only replaced a usual telephone’s functions, but also provided opportunities for business.

Due to the importance of this temporary disposable virtual phone numbers appeared. A virtual directory works like a usual telephone number, but you don’t need to buy a SIM-card. You need only to have access to the Internet, register and replenish your balance. This service allows you not only to make calls, but send and get SMS too.

Why would an individual want to get a disposable phone number? A disposable phone number works like a temporary virtual number. It can be used only once. If a person travels a lot, it is necessary to stay in touch with relatives and friends. Buying a new SIM-card in every country and, moreover, replacing it in the smartphone every time is definitely not comfortable.

Businesses also benefit from this kind of service. One of the best things is that you do not depend on the mobile network coverage, you only need Internet. The market rivalry online gets higher and higher every day. Among the other benefits, temporary numbers make registration of multiple accounts without any risks possible.

Main Benefits of Disposable Phone Numbers

Temporary phone number online is a steady and secure way not only to manage your business, but to protect yourself online too. It works like a regular SIM, but has a limited life-time. Our online SIMs work during 20, 30 or 60 minutes. This time is more than enough to, for example, pass verification on different Web-sites.

Googling a short inquiry like “sms temp” will show you the variety of services that offer this comfortable option.

There are a lot of benefits of using disposable temporary phone numbers:

  • Anonymity;
  • Protection;
  • Spam elimination;
  • Convenience;
  • Worldwide acceptance;
  • Management and verification;
  • Free online SMS service.

Temporary phone numbers have gained credit among many successful businesses. Especially convenient they are for young businesses which have not gained their client base yet and do not have much capital to spend on the telephones. Disposable phone numbers feature low price and, moreover, there is even free phone message service.


If you don’t want to share your personal data with the Web-sites, temporary directory is a solution. With their help you can also separate your private and business life.


Disposable directories protect you from identity thefts and cyberstalking. You will not have to share your real mobile and will avoid the unwanted online attention. Your directory will not be given to the third parties.

Spam Elimination

Having provided your phone number to a company, you appear in their contact list. Some businesses have permit to use your personal data for their own marketing activities. Using a temporary directory will save you from the endless river of spam. You will not be followed-up if you do not want this to happen.


The best thing about this offer is that it is disposable and temporary. A person uses it only when there is a need and can forget about it in the other time.

Worldwide Acceptance

Providers do not check if a phone number belongs to a mailbox or an actual telephone. You can use any Web-sites with this option.

Management and Verification

Having multiple accounts and their management becomes easy with temporary phones. Using a temporary free sms virtual number is a great solution for business managers. You will receive an SMS and authentication in several minutes.

Free Online SMS Service

You can try our disposable phone numbers for free. You will be able to receive free sms text online to your free sms number online.