Sep 13, 2020

What is a virtual phone number? |

Have you ever had a need to use a SIM card for registration in online services? The answer is obvious. Millions of people around the world use social networks, register on sites and provide their main SMS phone number for verification. But what if you need another account?

Buying another SIM card to get a free verification code seems inappropriate. But you can send and send or receive texts online using a virtual mobile phone. Let's figure out what this service is and how to use it with real examples. It's much easier than you think.

What are virtual numbers?

In fact, the virtual phone number is no different from what you use on your smartphone. The only difference is that you don't need to buy a physical SIM card for your device. The virtual number allows you to send text SMS online. This saves time and money as you don't have to pay a lot. With this, you get the opportunity to use anonymous texting online. Let's summarize the information received. Such virtual phone text service allows you:

  • Do not buy a SIM card
  • Be anonymous
  • Save money
  • Send or receive text SMS for verification

How do virtual numbers work?

Virtual text SMS works like a regular number you use on your smartphone. The only difference is that all rooms are located in the same data center in special equipment. This allows the IT-company to provide a lot of phone numbers for text verification and receiving free codes. This is a great option to register on any services and online sites.

As soon as you want to activate the text service you will be able to verify your account online. This simulation perfectly replaces standard phones and allows you to get verification data as quickly as possible. The only condition is a sufficient amount of money and an Internet connection. The rest of the nuances are not important.

How can you use your virtual phone number for text SMS?

Let's look at typical cases when you can use an “online” phone for text SMS. For example, you decided to use our text SMS service. To do this, you need to go through a quick registration and top up your account. Further actions assume the choice of virtual number for text messages online. You need to choose the online text SMS that is most suitable for registration on sites and social networks. Further steps are very simple:

  1. Select a service for text verification
  2. Go to the required site and enter all the data in the registration form
  3. Proceed to the confirmation stage
  4. Send a request and indicate the number that you received on our website
  5. Copy the number in your personal account on our website
  6. Paste this on the appropriate line and wait for the verification message
  7. Copy the free code on our website and use it to complete the verification

Such a number for text code works just like a regular phone in your pocket. You just get a virtual number for text SMS on the website, not using your smartphone. Buying an online number for text SMS also guarantees you complete anonymity, as site owners cannot trace your identity.

Such a service will allow you to forget about mobile gadgets and send verification requests without restrictions. In fact, such text SMS numbers are like a VPN in the world of telecommunications technology. This is especially convenient if you want to create a second account on a social network or on any web service.

Who can use virtual numbers?

Using such a number for text SMS is absolutely legal and does not have any restrictions. That is why anyone can use such a number for text at any time. This is important for socially active people who need a lot of accounts and have no time to buy SIM cards.

They can use any online number for text SMS for registration. Such text SMS numbers for verification are safe and 100% comfortable. There are also separate categories of people who need to use virtual number for text SMS:

  • Account registrars
  • Traffic Arbitrators
  • Likers and followers
  • Individuals

Such a number for text SMS is especially convenient for registering accounts. Having the opportunity to use hundreds or even thousands of such numbers for text SMS, you can quickly register in social networks and services. Send mobile messages anytime.

Using such SMS numbers helps in SMM marketing and promotion on social networks. You can use numbers for text SMS to create a whole database of accounts. This will help mimic the activity of likers and followers. The text service format itself allows you to send and receive free verification messages.

Anyone can find a lot of advantages for themselves using this verification format on websites. The speed and speed will allow you to forget about alternative methods of verification messages forever.

There are many purposes for using these options. But creating profiles on websites is a modern trend. How about ten accounts? Or maybe you need a few hundred? All this is easy to do in the shortest possible time and get the desired result.

Benefits of a virtual number for SMS

Now let's talk about the benefits of such a number for text SMS. Buying such an SMS number you are guaranteed to save money. For example, you need to create a Facebook account. Why should you buy a physical SIM card when you can spend a minimum of money to get an online number for text SMS?

It's fast, anonymous and secure. You do not need to reboot your phone every minute and insert new SIM cards in order to change the number for text SMS. Each user can get hundreds or even thousands of numbers for text SMS activity. Send mobile messages anytime.

Another plus (which is relevant for our service) is the regular change of virtual numbers for text SMS. This means that only one person can use such a number to register on one website. For example, if you use it for free text SMS for Instagram, then the other person will receive a different number.

This is a definite plus. But even if a failure occurs, you can always repeat the procedure and not overpay for it. Reception of text SMS text is as convenient as possible. The plus is that no one except you will see the text confirmation message. The service for sending text messages works as comfortably as possible, which allows you to refuse to purchase starter packs.

Such activity is possible around the clock. You just need to send a request and the confirmation text will come almost instantly. The process that requires a send text confirmation is the best format for registering on sites.

You can use such a mobile service whenever it suits you. Plus, you don't have to worry about the choice of region or technical aspects. The mobile service will allow you to send a verification request at any time.