Jul 12, 2021

Work Your Way up with SMS Online and PVA Options |

Nowadays each Internet platform requires a user to pass authentication. This is not a bad thing – the platforms want to know that real people are using them and to avoid bots.

Back in 2017 there was a research conducted by the US Federal Communications Commission. It figured out that:

  • more than 1/3 of submissions were send from fake email domains;
  • almost 10 million of them were duplicated;
  • just 1.5 million of them were real.

It was indicated that phone numb verification is an effective tool in the struggle with fake accounts. Users have to provide their phone directory while registering. The platform sends you a special code (usually a set of numbers) which you have to enter in the corresponding field. In such a way the ownership of the provided number is verified.

Nowadays PVA accounts email are needed everywhere (you will pass Google phone verification, Facebook phone verification, Gmail phone verification etc.). This helps to avoid scams who want to pretend they are other people or companies and spammers who annoy users API.

Verified Accounts: Why They are Needed and What for

You might have seen that many pages are verified on social media. For example, as to Facebook it is a special blue circle with a white check mark in it located near the name that indicates that this specific page has passed authentication.

Companies are seeking now for more protection because more and more scammers and spammers appear every day. If scammers and spammers take over, the customers will receive a poor experience which will lead to a decrease in the customer field. In its turn, all this can lead to financial and legal problems.

Let’s see what practices require mobile phone verification for further protection and customer email address acquisition increase.

Verification during Registering

Authentication by the phone numb during signing up will ensure that your new user email is a real person. The user will have to enter a special phone code that will come to his telephone.

Password Reset

Users often forget their passwords and want to reset them. Also they often log in to an application from an earlier unknown device (or from their alternative ones). This can be determined by a new IP address by email address. It is different from the one that is already registered in their account. In such situations the verification codes are sent to their phones. This helps to avoid identity theft and fraud.

Upgrades Authorization

Most apps use a freemium scheme. This means that the basic application can be used free us address and phone number of charge and the premium features should be paid for. Authentication by a phone message code will verify the user’s email desire to upgrade and will minimize downloads by a mistake as well as fraudulent downloads.

User Details Refreshment

Besides, users like to change their profile data. Changes in user’s information should be verified with a message code to his phone directory that is linked to his account by email address.

User Reactivation

If someone has been inactive for a while, it is necessary to pass a mobile phone verification process. In such a way it will be possible to get proof that this is not a hacker attempting to renew the phone account by email.

Transaction Authentication

Real time communications are crucial while confirming transactions. In such a way fraudsters will not be able to deceive users. This practice is so effective that lots of e-commerce and payment systems require verification of transactions with a single-time password (one-time transaction password) that is sent as an SMS.

There is also verification by email. You will receive a verification link to the email address you have specified during registration on a website or app. Then it is necessary to go through this link to pass phone verification. The most interesting thing is that nowadays you also need phone number verification to register an email.

Verification by email only, without the phone number is not that safe. Besides, it takes more time to pass the link in your email than getting a message and copying it to the platform’s special field. Nowadays such a process is not as popular as the phone one.

However, PVA email is the formula of double protection. However, phone numbers work better in the fight with scams and spam. Even Google uses the phone number scheme. Google PVA accounts are considered to be protected.

Today Android devices can auto-consume verification codes (meaning you do not have to enter them manually). However, it needs development against Google APIs. Application Programming Interface is a special set of tools that allows working one program with another program seamlessly. Phone verification API is a very comfortable feature.

As you can see verified accounts by email play a great role in present-day phone developments.

Verified Account + SMS Provider: the Advantages

A combination “account verification + virtual SMS provider” is a successful API combination. There is no necessity to endlessly buy SIM-cards and change them in smartphones (as you know, one SIM-card can give you only one directory).

Using a virtual SMS provider for account verification by phone is easy and efficient. It will save you time and effort. Moreover, it will save your money. The main thing is to choose a reputable phone provider. Before choosing the company make sure it:

  • has a large virtual phone numb base;
  • offers enough countries to choose from;
  • gives a high security level to its clients;
  • allows you trying it for free;
  • has 24/7 customer support.

The aforementioned combination is very convenient for businesses. They need to register multiple accounts and this is where online directories are irreplaceable.

OnlineSIM Service

OnlineSIM is a virtual directory service. It allows receiving verification codes by email to its online numbers. Virtual numbers work as regular ones, but you are not tight up to a telephone apparatus. They work via the World Wide Web. This means you can be located in any place in the world and still use such directories unless you have the Internet connection.

The provider under consideration proudly offers the excess of 10,000 virtual phone numbers. It has a large variety of locations to choose from, to be more specific, you can choose from over 30 countries. The verification codes come into OnlineSIM’s virtual numbers quickly, the connection is stable.

This service is very easy and intuitive in usage. First of all you have to register on its site. Then replenish your balance, choose the desired location from the available ones and order your numb in the account. After this you are ready to use this number for SMS reception. Having gotten the code simply copy and paste it into the corresponding field. See, using OnlineSIM with verified accounts is as easy as ABC!

It is possible to try free virtual directories at OnlineSIM. This company wants you to have a smooth and comfortable experience before you pay for its services and this is why it offers such an option. Do not hesitate and try phone free number verification from OnlineSIM.

The tariffs are separated into two kinds to make sure you can choose whichever one suits your needs best. You can either pay for SMS reception from one website or rent a number to receive messages from any website.

Choosing the first option you will obtain an online numb for a certain period of time (from 10 minutes to one hour). The time depends on the location you have chosen. With this option you will be able to receive an unlimited number of verification SMS from only one website or app.

Choosing the second option you will have the virtual numb with the time of rent form one day to unlimited renewal of rent. With this option you can get verification SMS for a given time from any website or app.

The prices are loyal in comparison with the mastodons of the virtual numb world. In a rare case when something has gone wrong and you do not receive the awaited code, simply delete the previous item and pick a new one. This will be free of charge.

If you do not pass verification platforms will not trust you and you will not be able to create an account by email. If you do not verify your account, customers may not trust you and purchase from your verified competitors. Use the combination discussed in this article to make the phone verification process seamless and you will see that you are working your way up.