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Sep 08 09:56:42, 2021

Your privacy with a virtual number while using TanTan | Onlinesim.io

In this article, we'll help you to get an account on the TanTan app. This is an online dating service. But first, a couple of thoughts on this relatively new mobile dating app.

This is a service that is available to users all over the world. It allows them to find their loved ones and talk to each other, discussing their daily activities.

It would be best if you typed the app name on your App Store or Google Play. After that, you'll see an icon of it in the results. Then, download the app on your mobile device and launch the app.

On the screen of the app, you can register your account. You can do it via several methods. First, through your mobile phone, and the second method being with the help of your Facebook profile.

Tantan service and its distinguishing features

If you're going to use your mobile phone, select the "Continue with a mobile phone" button. Then, you see a new page and two types of options, through your WhatsApp account and another one being over SMS. If you are going to use the SMS option, enter the mobile number. After that, you'll receive an SMS message to verify the account.

Then, you'll see your account successfully created. Well, it's a no-brainer. It's as simple as that. After doing so, you'll be enjoying your time chatting mobile to a nice girl or a boy.

While using this app, you can create connections since Tantan is an app that goes the extra mile to get people together from different countries with different backgrounds in one single dating platform. This works as a community of people looking for partners. You can either register on this service for free or use a premium mobile version to make the most of it.

As it has already been mentioned, this dating app works via mobile phone numbers allowing people to find their partners. You can install it on your iOS smartphone or tablet or some Android mobile phone. You can also install it from the device by going to the Tantan website and making friends and personal connections afterward.

You create your own goals by getting acquainted with the people that might make you happy now or in the future. Using gestures like swiping, you can either accept or decline friendship requests. Moreover, with a premium account, you'll be having more than ten friendship recommendations a day. Tantan dating service allows you to live a spiced-up life. All it takes is to sign up for your Tantan account on mobile.

The company of Tantan adheres to a set of values. Among other things, it is a free dating mobile app that is open to international users who are looking to create meaningful connections in their lives.

Some people meet your criteria. So, all of them are your match. While registering, you need to look at the data you enter. Tantan offers an opportunity to find a date or even love.

Buying a premium mobile account is not a mandatory thing because a free account still has basic features. But if you use a premium account, you won't see any ads.

To start using the Tantan service, first, you need to install the mobile app. Without it, you won't be able to use this platform.

The developers of this service wanted to make people happy, and because of that, they structured Tantan accounts to sign up in this way.

You can discover people you like, tell your stories to the ones who'd like to hear them, meet new people, and in a sense, make love, not war. After downloading the mobile app, you'll be able to view the list of profiles with pictures and names. As has been already mentioned, you can find the mobile app on the official website or the App Store if you use an Apple or Android mobile device.

TanTan privacy issues

On the right upper corner of its website, you can choose the proper mobile app store that matches your phone version. It would be best if you press the Download button. There's another way to install the app. You can get a download link from your mobile phone message when registering via a mobile phone number.

For this, you need to type your mobile phone number, and after that, you'll see the link. But after you've already downloaded the app, the sign-up process will be pretty straightforward. You'll create it in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

There are several indispensable requirements to create an account:

  • First of all, you need to have a phone number or any email address. Then you'll have to type your gender and date of birth or age; your country is also required to be specified. After that, select your username for the account. It would help if you also wrote a bio about yourself.
  • After doing so, you'll be able to enter the account any time you need via a single click. This app is a perfect way to find your match or people near you. Tantan's audience is over 100 million people around the globe. So, enter the dating mobile platform and get to know why the people are flocking to it.

OnlineSIM service: the pool of virtual mobile phone numbers

There are some issues related to Tantan. It's well known that TanTan now and then collects info about user locations. This data allows the service to identify people within a range of about 300 to 400 meters. So your privacy does not remain intact.

You need to find a solution to this problem. If you don't want to share your personal data with anybody else, just don't use your mobile phone number to register via this service.

OnlineSIM makes it possible to register on any online service, including email services, social media sites, messaging, or dating apps, privately. The pool of available phone numbers is over 10K, and you can choose your number of choice from the mobile carriers of 30 countries code. There's a long- and short-term number of rentals available. This service is a sort of a fake number app.

Would you like to know how it all works? If you need to register, another Facebook page, go to your account on the OnlineSIM website and select the required online service. After that, copy the phone number you see to the registration page on Facebook. Then, you'll see a code in SMS in the mobile account. Copy code to the registration page. And that's it. Your verification account is registered by code. It's as simple as that. OnlineSIM is a company to send and receive virtual SMS online and register on sites via SMS verify.

A virtual phone number is a solution that allows you to receive confirmation codes and register on any given online service and doesn't require you to have a physical SIM card.

Usually, with little help from a virtual number code, users create verification accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or instant messaging platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat. You can use a disposable mobile number for verification, which you can use to receive a USA phone number code in your account. There's no need to buy another physical SIM card and send pay for an expensive annual plan.

OnlineSIM service, virtual sim service, was developed to make it possible for users to register without using physical SIMs. Everything is in your personal account on the OnlineSIM website. All your verification codes are stored there.