5 reasons to receive SMS online |

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Feb 12, 2021


The tech landscape changes rapidly. The number of people getting access to the internet accounts for around 60% of the planet's population. And desktop computers are no longer a primary way to get access to the internet.

Researches show that mobile usage outperformed the usage of desktop computers in terms of surfing the internet. As of 2018 showed that mobile browsing was roughly at 52% globally, while desktop was at 44%. Data for individual countries may vary.

People all around get their mobile devices with them. Everywhere in public spaces, you can hear a typical beep of new messages.

During the last decade, the numb of websites people accessed on their mobile devices has tripled.

Mobile browsing has been on the rise since 2009. On the other hand, the desktop traffic has been steadily decreasing since then.

So, if it's ok for people to receive SMS via mobile phones, why would they need to use SMS online? And SMS marketing is the first thought that comes to mind. SMS marketing is the reason for receiving SMS online rather than through cellular networks.

Online services that allow you to receive SMS online virtual number have numerous advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • There's no need for a smartphone, and a number replaces it in terms of receiving SMS;
  • Bulk management of your SMS;
  • Getting an unlimited number of text messages;
  • There's no need to use a cellular network;
  • You can assign access to the SMS management account for others;
  • Creating accounts on social media and email services without using your personal phone numb.

Receive SMS without a phone

When you have a virtual phone number, you won't even need a physical phone. It's a sort of a fake phone numb without a physical SIM-card. You'll have to buy a virtual phone number from your online SMS provider like OnlineSIM. Using such a service is the same as using regular SMS on your mobile. But in this case, you will need neither a device nor a physical SIM-card.

You need the internet and fake numbers for SMS verification from providers of these services. No other software or hardware is required.

For instance, when you need to register another Facebook account, you won't have to buy a second SIM card and swap it all the time for your first SIM. There's no expensive service plan involved as when you purchase SIM-cards from mobile carriers.

When you buy a virtual numb, you won't have to pay for every SMS you receive, and you'll get an unlimited SMS numb for some time. In some cases, phone numbers completely replace mobile phones for business needs.

Organizations using numbers don't have to tie themselves to mobile carriers that impose expensive contracts upon their customers for using service plans. It means that multiple users can receive account verification SMS for websites using the same phone numb.

Manage several SMS messages at the same time

With the help of OnlineSIM, you can see all the text messages you received in one place. The account on the OnlineSIM website is a sort of email client for text messages. Delete or save them for further usage.

As a rule, marketing companies allow multiple employees to access text messages. So, it's essential to make it possible for various people to access the account that contains text messages.

Using OnlineSIM virtual numbers, you can allow your employees to access the text messages.

But when only one person receives text messages on his or her mobile phone, it could be a real problem when that person is not at his desk.

Online phone numb providers have their clients in the advertising and marketing industries. Customers can use such fake numbers to build up their presence on social media platforms for running ad campaigns and do other business-related tasks.

Using the services, you can:

  • Select a personal phone numb from a long list to receive SMS messages;
  • Repeat SMS messages on previously used numbers;
  • Call forwarding set up on a numb.

Virtual phone numbers have been used for quite a while, but many users still don't know how it all works. Let's fair things up a bit.

Those numbers are of a different format:

  • Urban numbers are used for communication purposes, mobile communication to be exact, and call forwarding.
  • Mobile numbers are used for receiving SMS and forwarding.
  • And the most important thing, they can be used to register on social media platforms.

Don't worry about a weak connection

Even though cellular connection strength is quite muscular in most places, it can be weaker in remote areas. It might be a challenge to receive SMS at construction sites, on the subway, or when you're traveling abroad, for instance. But in all of these situations, you might need to get your text message as soon as possible.

But with online SMS services, all you need to have is just Wi-Fi. OnlineSIM offers you an opportunity to get SMS online via a virtual numb. It allows you to access all your text messages, which you can use for registration on some websites without a cellular connection.

So, when you travel abroad and need to change a password to your Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter account, it won't be difficult with OnlineSIM.

There's another advantage of numbers. You don't have to use the phone numb of the country you're in. There are foreign country phones available as well.


When people register on an online platform, be it social media, email, gaming service, or an e-commerce platform, they tell these services their personal phone numbers. And these companies can send you any annoying information offering their new products, service plans and the like.

But with a virtual phone numb, you can forget about receiving such ads in SMS since it's all in your online account, which you can visit when you need to.

There're solid reasons for not sharing your private phone numbers with any company on the internet, given the recent data mistreatment cases. For example, WhatsApp is an encrypted messaging app that pitches itself as a privacy-focused instant messaging service. Nevertheless, it started to force its users to share their personal data with WhatsApp's parent company. In its statement, people who manage WhatsApp said that users have to agree to share their unique phone numbers, contacts, and locations with Facebook, a WhatsApp parent company. For not doing so, users won't be able to use the service.

Such an event resulted in calls to users to change from WhatsApp to other messaging apps like Telegram.

In recent years, Facebook had numerous data breaches. In 2019 about 50 million Instagram users and more than 400 million Facebook users were exposed by hackers, their contact details were stored in online databases. Anyone on the internet could have accessed those databases online without a password needed. Perpetrators could have used those phone numbers for spam or phishing purposes.

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal happened because the personal information of millions of Facebook users was sent by the Cambridge Analytica company allegedly for political advertising campaigns.

OnlineSIM company allows you to bypass SMS verification online.

Why do you have to choose OnlineSIM?

OnlineSIM allows its users to receive text messages when registering on various online services, like social media platforms. To create an account on OnlineSIM, you won't even have to confirm your email address.

This is the service to privately register on various services and mobile apps.

To be clear, when you need to create an additional Facebook profile, log in to Online SIM, select Facebook, copy a given virtual numb and paste it to the registration form on Facebook.

After that, you'll receive a verification code text message in your account. You will then have to copy your code and paste it to the Facebook page to complete your account activation.

You can choose any country, including Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Britain, Finland, Latvia, Netherlands, Sweden, or Poland. You can even get a fake US mobile number for SMS verification purposes.

In your account on the OnlineSIM website, go to the SMS Message Receiving section. Then, select the type of service you're going to use. There are two types of service – Rent phone numb and Free virtual numb. The latter option allows you to use your number from 10 minutes to an hour. The exact time depends on the particular country.

Freephone numbers allow its users to get an unlimited numb of messages but only from one selected website or app. When you rent a virtual number, you get phone capabilities with a specified renting time – from one day to as long as you wish to pay for. Renting your virtual numb allows you to receive unlimited text messages from any website or app.

Sometimes when you've ordered a phone number, your SMS might never appear. Such situations happen because of several reasons. For instance, the website that was to send you a message could have had some tech issue. In such cases, your money will be returned, and you could order another phone number.