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Oct 29, 2020


For those wishing to use an alternative Indian IP address proxy is considered an indispensable tool. This is a legal method that people from different countries prefer. They often cannot visit regional websites, order a service, see prices, and even read news. Eliminating the problem is possible thanks to the availability of proxy servers. Indian users often choose this way to bypass the restrictions but this is not free. The cost depends on how long you need access. It’s also important what category of websites you visit. The service provided in this region differs as follows:

  • All users can hide IP every time they need to visit illicit websites
  • Server response time for India only 3.1 seconds
  • Secure data exchange
  • Going over 99.9% uptime

If we are talking about Indian proxy sites, it means gaining access to mining platforms, online casinos and other resources. Due to the fact that the legislation in the country is not irreproachable, many users suffer from restrictions. The governments of India and China often take measures that are related to filtering IP addresses, blocking access to websites in some regions. For this reason, many citizens of these countries have to hide IP.

5329111 Indian Proxies

Are you not used to being limited in your choice? If so, then you should look at the Indian proxy list. With such a tool, it’s possible to bypass any restrictions. This applies to sports betting, chatting with friends in other countries, shopping in online stores and more. People don't even need an anonymous browser. This technology is already being actively tested by teachers, journalists, traders and other specialists. They were all convinced of the following:

  • Getting access to websites using proxy servers is legal
  • Your firewall will not block traffic, since the tool does not provide for sending personal user data
  • It’s not costly to order the service

There are many reasons to block content. They include spreading fakes, prevention of attempts to influence the sovereignty of a nation, the fight against extremism, and much more. Such measures often restrict law-abiding citizens. Therefore, people have to hide IP. This is a way to legally bypass restrictions. Such a method is preferred by many people living in India who want to watch videos on Tik-Tok, post on Instagram, and receive messages on Facebook or on other social networks. But this is not the only case when people need an Indian proxy server. Very often, the use of this technology is associated with journalism related activities. In this case, access to blogs and other resources is unlikely to be obtained in any other way.

Why is Residential Better than Free IN Proxy List?

Indian proxy servers are often chosen by web developers and SEO specialists. They can successfully connect to the desired data source. It will be safe anyway. This is possible because of an automated web scraping script. In case of any problems, a user can contact the support service, which is available 24/7. Free VPN is associated with slower traffic and Trojans. People who have chosen residential proxy never worry about it. This is the best way for users from India and any other country. The advantages of the technology are confirmed by blogger reviews, miners and other people.