Comments to numbers with redirects

Mar 22, 2018

3 005

Dear users, now you can add a comment to each forwarding number.
Adding occurs on the redirect management page, through the Info button for each number.

This function helps to better navigate among a large number of numbers - definitely try it!

English version of the site

Mar 15, 2018

2 712

Dear users, the site is fully translated into English , use the switch in the main menu to select the language.

Call forwarding 2p.m./minute

Mar 13, 2018

3 500

A call forwarding service has been launched, with new, amazing features:

- 2 rubles per minute of the forwarded call, regardless of the region and the operator (including fixed telephones). Now you can immediately take a call, rather than drop and call back from another number, causing suspicion from the client.

- 5 minutes as a gift for each number when activated.

- Automatic recharge if necessary. The balance on the number will always be positive, and, consequently, the redirection will be active.

- Removal of redirects at any time.