Getting a number


  • javascript
    var settings = {
        "async": true,
        "crossDomain": true,
        "url": "",
        "method": "GET",
        "headers": {"accept": "application/json"}
    $.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {
  • php
    $curl = curl_init();
    curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
        CURLOPT_URL => "",
        CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST => false,
        CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER => false,
            "Content-Type: application/json",
    $response = curl_exec($curl);
    var_dump(json_decode($response, true));


Parameter Name Parameter Data type Description
country required INT a country. 7 - Russia, 77 - Kazakhstan, 380 - Ukraine
days required INT Number of rental days. see tariffsRent
extension non-required BOOLEAN auto-extend. default - true
pagination non-required BOOLEAN message pagination, if = false - disabled


After successful execution, a response will be received in JSON format, as follows:

json {response:1, item => { checked: false,country: 7,days: 0,extend: {1: 30, 7: 210, 15: 450, 30: 900},hours: 0,messages: {current_page: 1, data: [], from: 1, last_page: 1, per_page: 20, to: 0, total: 0},number: "9313358547",reload: 0,rent: 1,status: 0,time: 19,tzid: 3715}}

Result Description
response 1, if the request is successful, or an error message
item object - rent number

rent Number

Parameter Type Description
checked bool number confirmation
country int country, see parameters
days int the number of days left on rent
extend object Possible renewal options: {1: 30, 7: 210, 15: 450, 30: 900} see extendRentState
hours int number of hours remaining on lease
messages object messages see rent Message
number str tefon number
reload ? int port reboot. 0 - reboot is available. [see portReload](# portReload)
rent int total number of days purchased
status int 0 - number in the process of confirmation, 1 - number confirmed
time int number of minutes remaining on lease
tzid int operation id

rent Message

The structure of the message object. pagination is needed only to form a list, the request will contain all messages at once. Attention, maybe a limit on the number of messages will be added.

Parameter Type Description
current_page int First page
data object in array paginated message array. [[{code: "sms code",created_at: "2019-12-12 10:50:43",id: 1,service: "service", text: "message"}, ...], [{...}, ...],...]
from int First page
last_page int Number of pages
per_page int Number of posts per page
to int number of pages
total int number of messages


Результат Описание
EXCEEDED_CONCURRENT_OPERATIONS the number of simultaneously ordered rooms for your account has been exceeded
WARNING_LOW_BALANCE Not enough funds to buy the service
NO_NUMBER for the selected service, free numbers are temporarily absent
INTERVAL_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS_ERROR the number of simultaneous requests to issue a number has been exceeded, please try again later
TRY_AGAIN_LATER the request temporarily cannot be completed
DUPLICATE_OPERATION adding operations with the same parameters
UNDEFINED_COUNTRY country specified incorrectly
UNDEFINED_DAYS the number of days is incorrect