is a service for receiving SMS for FREE to numbers different countries. 
Now we have Sweden, Russia, USA, Ukrain and Kazakhstan. Soon many others will appear.

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How to use your temp numbers?

1. Choose the country and select a number 
2. Copy it and send sms to it 
3. Get sms

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Virtual numbers

Virtual numbers are telephone numbers that work in remote equipment, they can be used for different purposes, which includes for reception of SMS messages. Our numbers are absolutely free to use for SMS reception, and they are updated at least once per week, or even more frequently for some countries. They are active for SMS reception 24/7. In the future, we are intending to increase the number of countries, our plans include adding America, England, and some other countries of Western Europe.

Convenient and easy

In is very convenient to use our numbers. You needn’t buy a SIM card or register on the website. Just go to the main page, select the required country, and send a SMS to the chosen number. If you have done everything right, the full message must arrive instantly. Why buy a SIM card if you need a number for one occasion only, or for 10 minutes of SMS reception?

Why do we need our free virtual numbers?

Virtual numbers are actively used by people from all over the world.
They can help you perform the following operations:
Get registered on social networks, such as FACEBOOK, Twitter, Instagram.
Create accounts in messengers: Viber, WhatApp, Telegram, and others.
Receive verification codes from different services. For example, Ebay, Amazon, Skype.
Create e-mail addresses: Gmail, Yahoo!

How to make money with numbers?

Our numbers can be used to get bonuses, for example, in Uber or other similar services, in which points are awarded for new registration. There are a lot of such services and if every time we use our virtual numbers in them, then we can save a lot, that is, earn.

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For the convenience of using the option of “SMS reception at temporary numbers”, you can add our site to bookmarks, so that you would be able to find it quickly and easily. You can always come to our site and receive SMS, the virtual numbers of all countries work 24/7.