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Receive SMS Mobile proxies



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Receive SMS online to virtual phone number in Netherlands

From Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, Google, Deliveroo, Amazon, VK, Uber and other services, websites in .nl zone

  • 90 countries and more than 1 million numbers

  • Short and long term number rent

  • Adding phone numbers daily

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Text message receiving to free virtual phone numbers in Netherlands with code +31

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How does your service and virtual message reception work?

Our company has equipment that contains SIM-cards. A special software that allows you to rent numbers in the Netherlands and receive messages on them with access to various resources. You receive the text messages on your personal account on the OnlineSim website.

How do I use your virtual phone numbers?

Using anonymous virtual numbers, you can register in different social networks (VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook), create additional accounts in instant messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber), confirm new emails (Yandex, Mail.ru, Gmail, Yahoo), to register in different services and sites. Yes, and there are situations when you need a phone number in the Netherlands just for a single use, and it is much more profitable to rent a number for an hour than to buy a physical SIM card.

If your service is blocked in my country, will I lose access to my account?

For such situations, we have created special mirror sites that will transfer you to our current site (onlinesim.me, onlinesim1.ru), as well as the dostup-onlinesim.ru instruction site, which stores a detailed scheme of actions in such situations, as well as links to currently active mirrors. We advise you to bookmark the site with instructions! Plus, OnlineSim has launched a big social media campaign that will keep us going.

After my lease expires, will the next user have access to all the accounts I have created?

No, we try to ensure a maximum level of security and anonymity of your data. One virtual number is issued to one person for a specific task. If you created, say, an instagram account with our number, then none of the subsequent tenants will have access to your account.

Who is a short-term virtual number rental suitable for?

This type of rental includes receiving messages from one site or application for 10-60 minutes, the exact time depends on the selected country. In fact, short-term rentals will suit you if you need to get one promo code or register one account.

Who is a long-term virtual number rental suitable for?

This type of lease includes receiving messages from different sites and applications for the duration of the lease you choose, which can be extended at any time. This type of virtual number rental is suitable for those who need to perform several tasks using an anonymous phone.

I didn't receive a message, what should I do?

If the activation message is not received on the rented number, then the problem may be on both sides. The site did not process the request properly and did not send a message to your number or the virtual number did not receive a message due to a system failure. In any case, in such a situation, you can close the number in your account, get a refund and open a new number.

How to test OnlineSim services before buying?

Go to our website, find on it a block with public virtual numbers, which we update daily. These numbers can be used for one-time reception of SMS messages, thereby testing our service. The numbers are public, so it is unlikely that you will be able to create an account on a popular social network, but you will be able to see how the service works and “feel” it from the inside.

What can you do with your virtual numbers?

Usually this is the registration of additional accounts on social networks, the creation of a working page in the messenger and registration on a website or application to receive bonuses for a new user.

Why choose your service?

Our technical support headquarters has a large number of qualified employees who help users solve problems around the clock. We also have a large selection of rooms from different countries.

Do you have restrictions on receiving messages?

Yes, we have created several restrictions that guarantee the safety of users. You cannot receive messages from telecom operators, financial institutions and government services.

Can I receive a call to your number?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, but you will receive the phone number of the Netherlands from which the call was made in text format. This often helps to register for services that require the last few digits of an activator number.