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Receive SMS online to virtual phone number in Latvia

From Facebook, Whatsapp, Ebay, VK, Google, Linemessenger, Instagram, Blablacar, Discord, Viber and other services, websites in .lv zone

  • 90 countries and more than 1 million numbers

  • Short and long term number rent

  • Adding phone numbers daily

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Text message receiving to free virtual phone numbers in Latvia with code +371

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What does the service provide?

Our equipment with its own physical SIM-cards is connected to a special software. This software allows you to rent virtual numbers completely anonymously without having physical SIM cards. With this number, you can register on different sites, and the password code will promptly come to your personal account.

What is an online SIM card?

It’s a real-life physical Latvian SIM card, the number of which is virtually provided to you for rent. With a virtual phone, you can receive incoming messages completely anonymously.

How can it be useful?

We provide the service of anonymous temporary use of a Latvian telephone number. You can register on various services and sites, receive bonuses from applications that have programs to attract new users, register on a social network, but not leave your digital footprint.

If your site is blocked, will I lose access to my personal account?

No, we have foreseen this moment. If the main OnlineSim website is blocked in your country, you can go to one of our main mirrors: onlinesim.me, onlinesim1.ru, and by the link dostup-onlinesim.ru you can always find instructions allowing you to access the site and your personal account, and there, we will leave a link to the working site.

After the end of my rental period, will another person have access to the account registered with this number?

No, our numbers are issued "in one hand", your account and access to it will always belong only to you. For each task, one number is issued only once. We value the digital security of users.

When is it good to choose a short-term rental?

You can choose to rent a number by the hour when you need to get a code from only one resource. This type of lease does not involve receiving messages from different sites, but multiple activations from the same resource - yes. This type of lease lasts from 10 minutes to an hour, the exact time depends on the chosen country of the number.

When is a long-term lease needed?

When one virtual number is needed to register and activate different resources. You can receive an unlimited number of messages for a period of time that you choose. Number rental is extended at any time.

If I didn’t receive a message and the money was debited, what should I do?

This is a common situation, any program can delay and produce an error. The problem may be in the site that did not process the application and did not send the activator code, or maybe in our number, which did not receive the same code. In such a situation, it is worth closing the “broken” number and opening a new one, the funds will be returned to you in your personal account.

Is it possible to get a trial period of your service?

Of course, on our website we update the base of free virtual numbers in Latvia and other countries every day. Whether it will be possible to register an account on them in a popular messenger is a big question, the numbers are put up for public access and are quickly sorted out, but it will definitely work out to get an activator code for a discount on delivery and test our service.

What can I do with a virtual number?

An anonymous virtual SIM allows you to do a lot of things on the Internet. For example: register a new account on a social network and not leave a digital trace, create a working page in the messenger for a fake number and not receive a huge number of personal letters on it, register on various sites and services, get a bonus as a new user in some delivery.

Does your virtual number support all services?

Not really, we have set a limit on receiving messages from financial institutions, government sites and telecom operators. We support all other sites.