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Receive SMS online to virtual phone number in Slovenia

From Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, OpenAi, Uber, Amazon, Instagram, Mamba and other services, websites in .si zone

Use code 26236 to confirm your phone on Steam
Your OkCupid code is 449940 Don’t share
Verification Code: 561318. Valid for 5 minutes
Your one-time eBay PIN is 8905
Use 645 829 to verify your Facebook account.

Text message receiving to free virtual phone numbers in Slovenia with code +386

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Tariffs for temporary virtual numbers for receiving SMS-messages and SMS-activation

One-time receiving messages to the number

from one site

from $ 0.01 for the site

  • Time for receiving SMS
    Up to 20 minutes
  • Number prolongation
    Not available
  • You can receive SMS
    Only from one site / application selected when ordering
  • Countries
  • Numbers
    Over 10 million numbers
Numbers rent

To receive SMS from any sites

from $ 3 per day

  • Rent term
    Unlimited (from 1 day)
  • Number prolongation
  • You can receive SMS
    From any legitimate sites and applications no limits
  • Countries
  • Numbers

How does the service for receiving messages on a Russian virtual telephone work?

Our equipment with its own software contains Russian SIM cards, the virtual numbers of which we provide to customers for the purpose of receiving messages. You rent a virtual phone number, send a message to it, and our software sends the text directly to the service’s personal account.

Virtual number – what is it?

It is a conditional phone number that you can use without having a physical Russian SIM card. Our numbers can only be used to receive messages.

How can I use online numbers?

Virtual numbers help to register on social networks (Odnoklassniki, VK, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), confirm instant messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram), activate emails (Yandex,, Gmail, Yahoo), also verify various sites and services: Avito, Yula, AUTO.RU, Twitter, SEOsprint, Steam, Uber, Gett, Microsoft, Tinder.
A one-time fake number allows you to receive messages while remaining completely anonymous.

What if OnlineSim is banned in some countries?

In such a situation, you can get to OnlineSim through mirror sites, the main ones are:, And on the site there will always be instructions and up-to-date mirrors, we advise you to save the link.

If I register on the social network, but do not renew my rented number, will someone have access to my account?
In short, no. Our software is designed in such a way that the same number is never issued to different people for the same task. We have completely eliminated the possibility of other people gaining access to your accounts. By renting a number, you become its sole owner.

Short lease of a virtual number - what is it?

One of our rates that makes you the owner of the number for a period of 10 minutes to 1 hour. The time is determined by the choice of the country. During this period of time, you can receive any number of messages with a code, but only from one site or application.

What tariff is suitable for receiving SMS from different sites?

The tariff for long-term rental of a virtual number allows you to receive an unlimited number of SMS codes from any sites and applications, and you choose the rental period yourself.

I can't receive a message, what should I do?

This happens for various reasons: the sending site delays the processing of the application or the virtual number has failed. In such a situation, you can close the current number, the funds will be returned to your account balance, after which you can open a new phone number.

Can I get a trial period of your services?

Yes, we took into account the wishes and made such a service. The page contains a special block with free disposable phone numbers in Russia and other countries that you can use. We update these numbers every day, but in any case, they are public and can already be used in popular services.

Why do I need a virtual number?

Our services cover a pool of tasks: creating anonymous or additional pages on social networks, adding a working account in popular instant messengers, registering in various services with bonuses for new users.

Why choose us?

Our headquarters has a large number of technical support specialists who help around the clock in case of difficulties. The database of numbers has a huge number of different countries, and the numbers have a high percentage of messages received.