It returns the state for the selected operation or all operation


  • javascript
    var settings = {
        "async": true,
        "crossDomain": true,
        "url": "",
        "method": "GET",
        "headers": {"accept": "application/json"}
    $.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {
  • php
    $curl = curl_init();
    curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
        CURLOPT_URL => "",
        CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST => false,
        CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER => false,
            "Content-Type: application/json",
    $response = curl_exec($curl);
    var_dump(json_decode($response, true));


Name of parameter Parameter Type of data Description
tzid non-required INT operation identifier, if need
message_to_code non-required INT 1 - display only the code from the SMS, 0 - show the entire SMS
form non-required INT type of reception, 1 - online reception, 2 - repeated reception, 3 - delayed reception. Default value - 1,3
orderby non-required TEXT ascending/descending sorting asc/desc. Default value - asc
msg_list non-required INT Type of message list, 1 - the list, 0 - the active message
clean non-required INT 1 - do not show messages on a circle


After the successful completion, you will get a response in the JSON format, in the following form:

json [{tzid:TZID, response:RESPONSE, service:SERVICE, number:NUMBER, msg:MSG, time:TIME, form:FORM, forward_status:FORWARD_STATUS, forward_number:FORWARD_NUMBER}]

Result Description
response 1, if the request has been completed successfully, or an error message
tzid operation ID
service service, with the same values as in the getNum method
number dedicated virtual number, in the international format
msg code from the SMS
time time to operation completion;
form type of reception (online reception — index)
forward_status forwarding activation status (from 0 to 9 cm. Help – Forwarding Statuses)
forward_number number for forwarding
country Country of the number (7 - Russia, 86 - China)


Result Description
WARNING_NO_NUMS no matching numbers
TZ_INPOOL waiting for a number to be dedicated to the operation
TZ_NUM_WAIT waiting for response
TZ_NUM_ANSWER response has arrived
TZ_OVER_EMPTY response did not arrive within the specified time
TZ_OVER_OK operation has been completed
ERROR_NO_TZID tzid is not specified
ACCOUNT_IDENTIFICATION_REQUIRED You have to go through an identification process: to order a messenger - in any way, for forward - on the passport.




The method will return generated test data.