Testing protocol

After protocol is done SmsHub developers will test it. When you are ready, send your URL to tech support. Afetr this your server should be available 24/7. We will start testing as soon as possible. Tests that we will make:

  1. Simultaneous issue of numbers for the specified service. The most important test. Your system should correctly handle simultaneous requests and do not issue the number again in any case. For example, system will send 30 requests with the same criterias: russia, megafon, vk. If you issued the number again - test is failed.
  2. Correct handle of activation completing request. Activation management is done ONLY at the side of smshub. For reasons beyond our control (network problems) we may not be able to receive the response about successful status changing from you. That's why if smshub sends activation compliting status again, you should check by if such activation exists at your side and if it does - send status SUCCESS. Also you should NOT complete activation at your side. Only activation completing request from smshub should complete activation at your side.
  3. SMS text. After SMS is written into your database, you should send it to us as soon as possible. You got SMS - send it to us immidiatly. If you get the response woth SUCCESS status, you should mark SMS in your database as recieved and do not send again. If response status is different from SUCCESS, then make 10 seconds delay and repeat the request untill you get SUCCESS status. If you send the same SMS after we responsed with SUCCESS status - test is failed.
  4. Fileds types. Carefuly check types of the fields you are sending via protocol. If it is said in protocol description, that the field has integer type, and you send smsId: «123» - test is failed.
  5. Phone number should include country code. In phone number request the field number and in SMS recieved request the field phone should be INTEGER and should have country CODE.
  6. Time of number issue from you should be minimal. If time is more than 3 seconds - test is failed.
  7. Numbers quantity, returned by request 1, should be actual. If you return 100 vk, and thair actual quantity is 30, then 70 requests will return NO_NUMBERS status - test is failed. Page 11 of 17
  8. Test for exclusive prefixes. You should handle exceptionPhoneSet field beforehand while requesting GET_NUMBER. If you do not issue the phone number with the prefixes that is included in the list - test is failed