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  • Mar 15, 2023, 5:08 PM
  • 3 minutes

Virtual Sim For IM Plus Messanger

Today, safety is one of those things we care about when using online services. We protect our data by using antiviruses on computers and phones and implementing other similar measures. You rarely find someone who wants their data safe and uses a standard plastic credit card: most people utilize virtual cards.

Similarly, we may get a virtual sim instead of using a real phone number when creating an account. Thus, your data will be safe even if your messenger or social media gets hacked. After all, we don't want strangers to send spam to our phone numbers that we have used for years.

That's when the service called OnlineSim comes in handy. Today, people often utilize IM Plus messenger but need to create an account using a phone number. Let's see how you can benefit from these two services.

IM Plus Messenger: Registration Peculiarities

IM Plus is not your ordinary messenger like WhatsApp or Instant Messaging by Facebook (or Meta). IM Plus is a popular web app that unifies all messengers in one place! This web app enables freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other busy people to get all the messages in one place.

Instead of checking all the web apps and risking missing one of the messages or chats, you can install IM Plus, create an account, and get a unified account with all the messages. The benefits are clear: you will never miss one of the messages in chats, risking losing a client.

But before you start using the IM Plus web app, you must create an account. Here are the simple instructions for the registration process:

  • Download the web app. It's available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The app is also suitable for business purposes.
  • Once the download is complete, create a profile.
  • The registration procedure requires using a phone number.
  • Insert the phone number and receive a verification code.
  • Paste the verification code in the respective field.

That's when things get tricky, as not every person wants to utilize their private phone number. Thus, Onlinesim service can help you solve the issue.

Registration And Verification. How To Use A Personal Number?

The safest way to create an account is to utilize a phone number. It lets users switch on two-factor authentication to protect their accounts from hackers. However, some people prefer an extra safety step, such as using a virtual sim to verify an account.

The registration and verification procedures on IM Plus work similarly when using a standard phone number. Paste the phone number when creating an account, and the IM Plus system sends a verification code. Instead of getting it on your private number, you get it in personal messages of the Onlinesim account. Copy and paste the verification code, and you're good to go!

Virtual Sim On OnlineSim. How To Get And Use A New Sim?

IM Plus web app is safe and popular among users, but most prefer protecting their chats. Thus, you can benefit from the newly acquired virtual sim permanently. The service costs money since you're "booking" a phone number. However, you can utilize the Onlinesim virtual sim for two-factor authentication.

However, you can utilize Onlinesim simply to create an IM Plus account. You can book a sim for half an hour and get your code to create an IM Plus account. Check out the prices on our website!