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Connect resellers with GoIP to

  • May 12, 2019, 11:28 PM
  • 2 minutes

For any questions, write @simagent or email

The main article on earnings -

1 step

Register on and send to telegrams @simagent:

  1. Registration Post
  2. Login
  3. ApiKey, which is in the Profile

2 step

Wait for a response that the account is confirmed and proceed to the next step

3 step

Customize GoIP equipment:

In the IP field enter

In the field Port enter 44444

Enter the port number in the Client ID field (that is, the first CH1 port is 1, the second CH2 has 2, etc.). If you have, for example, several GoIPs with 16 ports each, then the ports of the second GoIP should be signed - 17, 18, and so on up to 32.

In the Password field enter ApiKey (!)

4 step

Insert SIM cards into ports and go to the number management section

The numbers should be determined automatically, if this does not happen, then it is necessary for him to @simagent throw off the IMSI sim card and the USSD request to get the number, we will add your operator and automatic identification will continue.

Recommendations for working with GoIP

Set the GoIP function to automatically change Imei on the channels once a day, so the probability of unsuccessful registrations in services is reduced.

Write ID only on those ports that you are going to use. If from 16 ports of sim-card will be only 10, then the remaining 6 do not need to be registered (extra load on our server)