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Create an account on Google One without a phone number | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 5:17 PM
  • 4 minutes

Create an account on Google One without a phone number

Google One storage is a top-rated service. It's not just cloud storage. There are many management tools available here. As a rule, you must provide a phone number when registering and verifying your Google One account. It is only sometimes desirable to indicate the actual number. That is why it is better to use Onlinesim.

Google One service

The Google One app is a cloud storage service that stores data from your phone and other devices connected to your profile. 15 GB of free space is provided free of charge. This is sufficient for normal backup operations. You can expand the area for a specific price. The cost differs depending on which tariff the user chooses. Other features of the service include:

  • Technical support. You can contact the administration at any time.
  • Synchronization with Google Photos. You get access to comprehensive image editing tools and filters.
  • Discounts on hotel reservations. Valid only when using a Google account.
  • Refunds on purchases.
  • Use of free VPN.

Google One makes managing your data more accessible. You can choose a tariff plan that satisfies the cost. The Google One price differs depending on the residence region and the subscription type.

Features of user registration and verification

The service is simple and easy to use. The software only takes up a little free space, so that you can install it yourself. Navigation and the system are as simple as possible for everyday use.

To get started, you need to log into your account. You can complete your Google One sign in just a few steps. The procedure is available on all devices and operating systems. Computer users can download the app and expand the storage space for different files.

To install the Google One app and register, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the app store to download the program.
  2. Perform the installation procedure.
  3. Select the optimal tariff from the list.
  4. Check all data on debiting funds.

After that, you get access to all the resource features. Management in the app is fast and intuitive. You can easily clean up your account, leaving only the needed data, and change the settings for using and managing storage.

Nuances when using a personal number

To get all the service's essential features, you must go through a Google One step verification. This is necessary to reduce the risk of fraud and to hack your account by fraudsters.

You can specify the phone number in your Google app by going to the settings. You must enter the phone number and confirm it using the shortcode in the message. Setting up two-factor profile authentication is also recommended to reduce the risk of fraud.

Virtual number Onlinesim

If you do not want to provide your actual number, then you can use the Onlinesim virtual number. This is an excellent opportunity to complete Google One login with just a few simple clicks. The confirmation process itself looks like this:

  1. First, you need to register on the Onlinesim service. This procedure takes little time. Afterwards, you must top up your account to buy a personal number.
  2. Order a number for a Google One personal profile. Select the appropriate service if you want a quick registration or verification. After that, a unique virtual number will be generated, which you can use for verification.
  3. Enter the created number in the registration form for your account. You can also enter it in your account settings. You will receive a confirmation code within a few minutes. You need to enter this data in the appropriate field on the screen.
  4. Receive all the necessary messages to confirm your profile at any time using the service. You can easily activate your account and reduce the risk of being hacked.

You do not need to provide your data in the app. The personal number remains confidential. This is an opportunity to ensure your privacy.


Google One app is a modern cloud storage solution with many benefits. At the same time, leaving personal data for registration is okay. Use an Onlinesim virtual number to ensure your privacy in the app.