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Dating app Fruitz. Virtual number usage | Onlinesim

  • Jan 9, 2023, 3:52 PM
  • 3 minutes

Fruitz is a dating app with a slightly different approach. Instead of relying on your personal information to match yourself with someone else, Fruitz uses it. When you create your profile, the app should identify you with one of Fruitz's. This approach allows you to find a soulmate and build a portrait of the user. To use fruitz dating, you need to be verified. Below is the article we will tell you how to do it.

Dating platform Fruitz. Features, functions

Users of the flirting app have difficulty finding someone who matches what they are looking for. Nevertheless, the fun visual system of this platform offers you an effective and relaxed way to communicate with people who want the same thing. So, app uses fruitz application:

  • Cherry. For those of you who are looking for your better half.
  • Grape. To share a glass of wine and whatever comes out of it.
  • Watermelon. For those who seek open relationships.
  • Peach. For those who want sex.

This way, we can see what the other user is looking for at a glance and even search only for the fruits that interest users the most. It's quite an excellent system that will save you a lot of time when flirting.

Account registration/verification. Using a virtual number

You are communicating on social networks, ordering tickets, buying many household goods and food, and paying for services in various areas of our daily lives. These and many other things have become available thanks to different applications. As a rule, it is necessary to register to take advantage of the numerous services, messengers, and trading platforms. And to register an account, you will need to be verified. Online dating is no exception. Online registration is required to create an account. You will need a virtual number if you want to make several profiles at once. After verification, an sms with a code is sent to your phone number. Insert the number you received into the registration form on the platform of your choice and click the receive sms button so that the verification code appears. The user enters the data and can use fruitz test mode.

Provider OnlineSim. Virtual numbers, purchase, and use. Instructions

Many companies are offering online number verification. In the company's Online Sim, you can buy virtual numbers at the most reasonable prices. Here you will have access to numbers of almost any country in the world to more than a thousand different services. Not only that, but SMS verification will take you a minimum of time.

Users need to select the country code and the number of numbers and make an application on the site. Then pay for the service in any convenient way. After the payment, the number will be ready for work. After these simple actions, you can use fruitz premium gratuit.