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Discount app Waylet. Get a discount with a virtual number | Onlinesim

  • Mar 14, 2023, 10:55 PM
  • 4 minutes

These days, the use of payments through online gateways have become commonplace, especially with the pandemic. Leading development teams create thousands of free payment tools to make shopping easier. Thanks to such solutions, consumers can order services and buy products through a mobile application without leaving their homes.

Some digital products allow people to save time and some deliver discounts or promotions to earn money. Large companies create their own payment app to make it more comfortable for their users to shop online. This also applies to the oil refinery Repsol. Let's find out what are the benefits of working with this brand.

Features of the Waylet Service — Key Functions

The free Waylet app, created by the creative marketing team of Repsol Group, allows people of a well-known company to buy goods and services. We are talking about a wide range of services — from buying gasoline to shopping in canteens. There are 3 payment methods available to the Waylet users:

Payment directly at the checkout in the Repsol shop

People can send money with their smartphone. Just find the payment button in the Repsol menu. In advance, you should download this free application and register. On the pop-up screen, click "Pay at the checkout" and show your smartphone to the cashier. Confirm the Waylet transaction by entering the security code.

Payment via Way&Go service

This is one of the partners of Repsol Group. Just scan the desired equipment, and then provide your QR code to complete the purchase with the Waylet or Amazon.

The Waylet NFC

Some stations have special non-contact equipment based on NFC that allows drivers who prefer Repsol Group to pay for service from their smartphone without leaving their car. They don't even have to download the Waylet mobile application.

Check Out Additional Options for Repsol Group Products

This company created a station search tool. The AI-based system builds the route and calculates the destination, suggesting to people the attractions and cultural activities in the specific location. Using the Waylet app, people can pay at over 3,200 gas stations and 4,000+ food service outlets.

Users Level in the Free Waylet App

Every time people send money with the Waylet, they collect points that will be added to the balance. Most customers can spend coins at Repsol group outlets or at all affiliated stores (recognizable by the € sign). By purchasing and accumulating the Waylet app points, you level up and gain access to better discounts. Repsol's creative marketing team offers 4 user levels:


This is the most basic level in the free Waylet app. If you have created a profile and have not yet filled the tank of your car, this status will be displayed in your application. With a Bronze level, people have the main benefits from the Repsol.


As soon as you gain 500 coins, you will activate an additional 10% discount. Any customer can spend such coins when paying with the Waylet app.


Upon reaching 1500 coins, you will receive an additional 25% discount and also unlock a car wash coupon from the Waylet.


Achieved when people have 2000 coins on the Waylet account. You will receive an additional 50% discount and a €5 fuel coupon. The same goes for promotions from Repsol group.

The Registration/Verification Procedure

Waylet Repsol is a free product that allows people to automatically receive discounts after registration is completed. Platform owners ask newbies to provide their personal details, including DNI/CIF or passport. To open an account via Waylet app, follow the algorithm:

  1. Come with a strong password and log in.
  2. Download and install the free Waylet app.
  3. Find the button login or register an account. You can sign up for a Repsol account with Google and Facebook to make the process easier.
  4. Complete the procedure with free internet phone service.
  5. Enter a payment gateway that suits your region — debit account or credit cards. You must verify that you are a cardholder in order to use them in the Waylet app.

After logging in, people will make sure that Repsol's Waylet platform is a kind of discounted wallet. In the account, they will find coupons for 100+ companies. With a Repsol Waylet, people have no privacy concerns. Most purchases are made using QR codes. What's more, every new user is asked to complete verification. The developers who deliver the Waylet app value their reputation.

Using a Virtual Number for Waylet Registration

If you want to complete verification with an active phone number check Online Sim offer. With our services, people will always keep their privacy and get additional discounts if they need more bonuses. In this case, the registration algorithm is as follows:

  1. Create a Waylet Amazon account through a mobile app or on the company's website.
  2. Purchasing a free virtual number USA and clarifying personal data on the Repsol' platform.
  3. Complete the Waylet verification .

If you decide to buy an SMS number online, this is the best option for those who want to complete verification with the Waylet app. Rest assured that with the Online Sim platform you have no reason to be disappointed. The company offers the best rates for those who want to complete amazon account verification.