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Frequently asked questions

  • May 29, 2023, 10:08 PM
  • 4 minutes

Do you have any restrictions for receiving SMS?
Yes, we have.The rules of our service, numbers forbidden to use for sites with high risk status, which include: payment systems, banks, credit institutions, loans, telecom operators, public services, etc.  You can see the list of prohibited sites/apps on the main page of our site, as well as on the payment page (screenshot

Will my money be debited from my balance if the SMS has not been received
No. We only debit money when you receive SMS.

Is it possible to receive SMS to a number that I have already used again?
No. Unfortunately, all our numbers are disposable and after the completion of the operation with them, they can no longer be used again to you for receiving SMS for technical reasons.

Where can I see how much a number costs without being registered on your site?
You can get acquainted with the prices for our services on the main page or at the link (screenshot

Can I get a number for free?
Yes. We have free numbers, they are located on the main page of our site

My SMS to free number does not come, what should i do?
Free numbers are public, so the number you selected may have already been used on the site you want by someone before you. Also, because of many attempts by other users, SMS may not come, an error may appear stating that the number has been used many times or is blocked. Choose another number or wait for the numbers to be updated.

When are new free numbers added?
The free numbers on the main page are updated every Monday and Thursday. Follow us on Telegram @onlinesimnewsen for updates.

What is a frozen balance?
Due to the fact that money is debited only for receiving SMS to the number, we have the “Frozen balance” function. When you order a number, the money for it is temporarily frozen, in other words, this is an advance payment in case an SMS arrives.
The frozen balance is reset  when the operation with the number is completed.
If you receive an SMS, the money for it is debited from the frozen balance.
And if the SMS was not received, then the money from the frozen balance is transferred to the account balance

When are new numbers added?
Unfortunately, there is no exact timeline for updating numbers, as this depends on the providers.
We have approximate dates for adding numbers based on the results of personal observations
Numbers for Russia are updated every day several times. For other countries - from 7 to 30 days once a day.

Do you have wholesale sales?
No. We only have retail sales, we do not provide, accordingly, any discounts and promotions. If you need a lot of numbers every day, then it depends solely on the demand in a particular country and the possibility of supplying these numbers. For example, Russia is replenished in large numbers several times a day and there you can take 500-1000 numbers every day without problems.

The site/app for receiving SMS that I need is not in the list, what should I do?

We offer two solutions:
1) Create a request to add a site or app to the list for receiving SMS, for this you need to fill out the form - Your request will be considered and if it meets the necessary requirements, the site/app will be added to the list and you will receive a notification in your account. Requests for adding sites / apps to the list are processed every Monday.
2) Order a number from the “Number rental” section. Such numbers are universal and accept SMS from any sites, except for prohibited ones.

I bought a number for 1, 7, 15, 30 days. Can I extend the number?
Yes. If before the purchase you turned on the possibility of extending the number ( screenshot ) If you have not done this, then unfortunately, the number can no longer be extended.