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Haraj. Get through registration/verification process | Onlinesim

  • Dec 12, 2022, 12:10 PM
  • 5 minutes

Haraj is an online shopping company leading the market in Saudi Arabia. Haraj was focused on used cars, then moved into real estate and eventually became the one-stop shop for all classifieds in Saudi Arabia. Haraj receives over half a million daily visitors and continues to grow.

Behind a simple design, the company applies the latest technology to the back end of the world, making it an excellent environment for educating developers and building a solid base for future entrepreneurs before entering the market. Haraj in English is also available.

The platform can be compared to local services such as Avito, Kufar, and OLX.

What is sold online on Haraj mobile application?

Haraj is Saudi Arabia's largest online marketplace for buying and selling (both new and used): cars, real estate, electronics, and animals.

Vehicles and accessories:

Vehicles of all types are available, new, and used (economy, family, sports, luxury cars, commercial vehicles, transport buses, and trucks). More than seventy companies are available in all categories.

  • Trucks and heavy machinery:

Dump trucks, wheels, car transporter, agricultural machinery, caravan, crane, bulldozers, and crushers.

  • Spare parts:

The marketplace has all original and commercial spare parts, tires, and batteries.

  • Car accessories:

Alloy wheels, license plates, screens, audio systems, speakers, headlights, and seats.

  • Car service:

Car inspection services, car insurance, transportation and shipment of cars, and other services.

  1. Property in Saudi Arabia for sale and rent:
  • apartments;
  • villas;
  • buildings;
  • houses;
  • stores;
  • holiday homes;
  • commercial land for sale.
  1. Online market of electronics and home appliances:
  • all available electronics, electrical devices, and electronic games, new or used mobile phones;
  • computers and tablets;
  • headphones;
  • refrigerators;
  • air conditioners, etc.
  1. The online market for livestock, animals, and birds:
  • Sheep, camels, horses, goats, cows;
  • Parrots, pigeons, chickens, ducks;
  • Cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters;
  • Fish and turtles.
  1. Furniture market:
  • furniture;
  • tables and chairs;
  • wardrobes and sideboards;
  • antiques and decor;
  • beds and mattresses;
  • home appliances;
  • office and garden furniture;
  • All types and materials are available.
  1. Personal items:
  • children's, women's, and men's clothing;
  • glasses;
  • sporting goods;
  • perfumes;
  • watches.

So there is a big сhoise of absolutely different goods to buy, which gives an excellent opportunity both for clients to find what s needed and sellers to develop business or sell unnecessary things.

What distinguishes the company website and app:

  • viewing ads without registering in the application;
  • fast registration;
  • simplicity and speed of publishing ads;
  • accessible communication with the seller through calls, private messages, or responses to ads;
  • easy search for cars with new filters make, model, fuel type, and assignable ads;
  • ability to specify the search by individuals or car dealerships;
  • possibility to view ads near you using the map system;
  • activation (follow-up service) in the app that helps to know the following products are added to the site through an intelligent notification system;
  • viewing the seller's file, ratings, and the period of joining the site;
  • promoting sellers' products;
  • easy search for making decisions, whether you are buying or selling;
  • store available with a new eye-catching design
  • 24/7 technical support at customer service.

Statistics about the company:

Haraj app is one of the most significant buying and selling apps in Saudi Arabia, as the website has seen over:

  • More than 50 million online visitors per month;
  • More than 50 thousand new ads daily.

This makes the company app one of the most popular marketplaces where you can sell or buy cars, real estate, gadgets, and other goods.

Registration in Haraj using a virtual phone number

As with all marketplaces, registration in Haraj online is made using a mobile phone number. If you regularly advertise on the site, it is best to use multiple accounts. This will allow the ad to regularly be at the top, significantly increasing the chances of a sale.

Using the Onlinesim website, there is an excellent opportunity to purchase a temporary mobile phone number for just $0.01. Mobile operators are from Finland, Canada, the USA, France, and many other countries.

You can buy a virtual number for SMS activation on in different currencies through different payment systems. This allows you to conveniently use the "SMS" service from any country worldwide. Registering with a virtual phone number on the Haraj website is no different from creating a SIM card account. The only difference is that the message does not come to your smartphone but to the Onlinesim website.

Buy a virtual phone number for registration in Haraj

To go through SMS activation by virtual number, follow all the steps from our instructions in sequence:

  • Open the Onlinesim platform and create an account by filling in all the required fields. You can register using Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Replenish the account with one of the proposed options.
  • Select the appropriate country.
  • Choose a virtual number and click on the "Get" button.
  • Enter the purchased number when registering at
  • Go to Onlinesim again and receive an SMS.
  • Enter the code below the purchased number on the website.

That's it. Now we have an additional account that will help us increase sales. You can create as many of these profiles as you like with virtual numbers. advantages

Virtual numbers for rent from Onlinesim come from different countries. You can receive an unlimited number of SMS from any authorized senders during the entire period of the number purchase. Access to the purchased number opens 20 minutes after the purchase.

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You can change the purchased number before receiving the first SMS

and return the funds to your balance. However, after receiving the first SMS, the total cost of the number is debited.


  • receiving messages from authorized services without restrictions;
  • SMS reception 24/7;
  • extension of the number for any period. support service is available 24/7. If the customer receives an invalid number, it can be replaced free of charge.