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How to verify Douyin account without real phone number | Onlinesim

  • May 12, 2023, 5:05 PM
  • 6 minutes

Douyin is a short-form video sharing app that is popular in China and other parts of Asia. It was launched in September 2016 by the Chinese tech company ByteDance, which is also the parent company of the popular social media platform TikTok.

The app allows users to create and share short videos that are up to 60 seconds long. Douyin features a variety of video editing tools and effects that users can use to enhance their videos, including filters, stickers, and music.

Let's understand how Douyin works, its advantages, and why it's better to register there through a virtual phone number.

More about Douyin

Douyin, also known as TikTok outside of China, is a popular short video platform developed by ByteDance. It has become the most widely used social media platform among Chinese young people, with an average monthly active user base of 300 million.

Douyin has been credited as having revolutionized and innovated the way content is created and shared on social media platforms. On Douyin, users can create and share 15-second videos featuring all sorts of creative effects like slow motion, filters and transitions. They can also interact with friends or other users through likes, comments, shares and private messages.

In addition to its main app, Douyin has several other products such as its shopping app Taobao Live and its music app Xigua Music. It even has its own online store, the Douyin Mall, and an AI-powered image recognition platform called Kuaishou. With its strong product portfolio and innovative features, Douyin continues to be a major force in China's social media landscape.

Main Douyin advantages

Here are the main Douyin benefits:

  • Reach Millions of Active Users. Douyin works with over 500 million active users globally, providing an amazing platform for content creators and businesses to reach potential customers.
  • Non-Invasive Ads & Interactive Content. With its non-intrusive video ads and interactive features like polls and quizzes, Douyin provides a unique way for brands to engage with their audience.
  • Fun & Engaging Videos. Thanks to its creative filters and editing tools, the videos on Douyin are often more fun and engaging than those on other social media platforms.
  • Fast Growing User Base. The number of people using Douyin is growing rapidly, providing great opportunities for businesses looking to target younger generations in China.
  • Data & Insights. Douyin search id provides users with access to a wealth of data and insights about their audience, making it easier for them to tailor their content to reach the right people.
  • Location Targeting. Douyin has powerful location targeting capabilities, allowing businesses to target ads based on users' regional preferences.
  • Viral Video Potential. If you’re looking for your content to go viral, Douyin is the place – thanks to its shareable video format and algorithm that rewards engaging content.
  • Variety of Monetization Options. When it comes to monetizing your content, Douyin offers a variety of options including in-app purchases, ads, and subscriptions.
  • Influencer Marketing. Douyin also provides a great platform for influencer marketing, allowing businesses to reach out to their target audiences through influencers’ channels.
  • Wide Variety of Content Types. There is no limit to the types of content you can create on Douyin – from live streaming videos to music clips and even educational tutorials.

Douyin sign up process

Here is a step-by-step guide to the Douyin sign-up process:

  1. Download the Douyin app from your app store. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it and select your preferred language.
  3. On the app's home screen, tap on the "Me" icon.
  4. On the "Me" screen, you will see two options: "Douyin Login" and "Douyin Sign Up". Tap on "Sign Up".
  5. You will then be prompted to select a sign-up method. Douyin offers three options: sign up with your phone number (use a virtual number from OnlineSim), sign up with your email address, or sign up with a third-party account.
  6. If you choose to sign up with your phone number, enter a virtual phone number from OnlineSim (we speak about it later) and tap on the "Next" button. You will then receive a verification code via SMS, which you will need to enter into the app to confirm your account.
  7. If you choose to sign up with your email address, enter your email address and tap on the "Next" button. You will then receive a verification code via email, which you will need to enter into the app to confirm your account.
  8. If you choose to sign up with a third-party account, select the account you want to use and follow the prompts to authorize Douyin to access your account information.

What are the benefits of using a virtual number from OnlineSim when registering with Douyin?

By registering with a virtual number on Douyin online, you can enjoy various advantages, such as protecting your privacy by keeping your personal phone number separate from your Douyin account search. This will keep you safe from unwanted calls or texts from unknown sources.

Moreover, using a virtual number offers an additional layer of security to your account, as it prevents unauthorized access from individuals who try to use your personal phone number to receive the Douyin verification code. Since a virtual number can be used from anywhere with an internet connection, it is a convenient option for frequent travelers or individuals who use multiple devices.

Using a separate virtual number for Douyin web can help you stay organized and avoid confusing personal and professional communication. With various low-cost or even free options available, virtual number services are an affordable and practical choice for those who do not want to pay for a second phone line.

Using an OnlineSim virtual number to register with Douyin

To ensure a successful registration with Douyin using a virtual SIM number, it's crucial to select a trustworthy online SIM directory. When selecting a SIM number from Douyin, it's important to pay attention to specific details. Firstly, you should look into the number of virtual SIM numbers available and their location. Additionally, you should check if the SIM numbers are available for long-term use.

It is recommended that users register with OnlineSim, top up their balance, select a location, and purchase a mobile number. This mobile number can then be used to register on the Douyin chinese app. After registering, the number will receive an SMS message containing the Douyin verification code, which can be copied and pasted into the appropriate field.

Now let's see what you need to do to get verified in the Douyin:

  1. Register your OnlineSim account and go to the payments section. You'll see the proposed ways of SMS refilling your account, from which you should choose the most convenient.
  2. Choose a virtual number and country on the main page by choosing Douyin.
  3. You must enter the number you purchased from OnlineSim and send an SMS notification. A notification with the verification code appears in your OnlineSim personal cabinet. Copy and paste the SMS in the Douyin appropriate field.

OnlineSim boasts more than 10,000 virtual directories from over 30 locations worldwide. It also works with more than 500 cellular carriers from different countries. You will be able to choose a phone number according to your region.