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Meesho. Registration process by using virtual numbers | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 1:51 PM
  • 5 minutes

Registration on Meesho using a virtual number

A virtual number is a telephone number that works over the Internet. You can use it remotely. You don't need wires or expensive equipment. You don't need a connection to a base station. You need a stable Internet connection. But you can also receive calls to your number without the Internet by using call forwarding. A virtual number makes it possible to register on various platforms. Meesho — it is one of the platforms where you can use virtual phone numbers. Meesho is India's largest resale app that lists products for major wholesalers in India, which means you get the same thing at a low price, which is very cheap, and you can easily make money by selling it.

Usefulness, functions, and features

What meesho online shopping? It is a startup platform for something in between MLM and group buying. Manufacturers and large wholesalers upload descriptions and prices of products, mainly clothing and housewares, to Meesho. The delivery comes straight from the supplier, meesho shop, and even more so, the organizer of the goods with his hands does not touch.

For each purchase, the agitator receives a commission, the amount of which he determines himself. Buyers do not see Meesho's actual prices. They are immediately shown the cost with how much the seller wants to earn.

It's interesting that Meesho still doesn't have an iOS version, only an Android.

This platform allows you to invest with zero budget. You don't need a laptop to work on meesho stock. Staratappers can get money from their phones.

The online platform provides:

  • High-quality products at the lowest prices. Costs are formed by wholesalers located all over India. They provide competitive prices on the best fashion and lifestyle products at prices that consumers will love. Because all Misho app products come directly from suppliers and manufacturers, the seller gets them at wholesale prices.
  • Exclusive discounts on your first order. The platform offers a 15% discount (up to 50 rupees) on your first order. All new users can take advantage of this offer on their first purchase, regardless of the order value or product categories.
  • Free Shipping/Free Shipping. Meesho offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum order value.
  • Refunds of payment (cod) are available. Meesho products are available against a refund (cod). You can pay when you receive the product.
  • Free returns are possible. Reselling the product becomes safe!
  • 100% secure and timely payments. Payments on the meesho platform are secure. Online transactions and payment data are protected.

The Meesho app is India's largest resale app that lists products for major wholesalers in India, which means you get the same thing at a low price, which is very cheap, and you can easily make money by selling it.

Trading platforms allow you to work and earn through WhatsApp and Facebook. Users can receive rewards for other users' applications.

Verification of account, use of the virtual number

Over the past few years, Meesho has attracted more than $1 billion in investment. This success is justified by the fact that people saw an opportunity to become entrepreneurs through the Indian service. The main goal of Meesho is to provide a welcoming environment for buyers and sellers to connect on the platform. To start earning on Meesho, no startup capital is needed. Just sell other sellers' products with your markup. It is enough to choose a few interesting items from furniture or clothing, get a referral link, and send it out to people you know.

Most of the sellers on Meesho are simple homemakers who want an additional, or even primary, income from the business.

Meesho works on the principle of a marketplace — where sellers upload their products and communicate with customers, and the site takes care of packaging and delivery of products. In this case, sellers don't have to promote their products because the provider will do that.

To become a seller or buyer on the platform, you need to download the application to your mobile device. A phone number is required for registration. A code with confirmation will be sent to the number. There's a problem at this point: users who don't live in India don't receive the message. To ensure that you get a code to sign in, use the virtual numbers of India for SMS.

Temporary Indian numbers are rented on the SMS reception service website. Therefore, no matter where the user is geographically located, he will still get a foreign number in 5 minutes.

A disposable India number can help in cases where the main Meesho account is blocked, and it is problematic to buy a new SIM card. Another significant advantage of virtual numbers is the preservation of privacy. If you create a Meesho account through a temporary number, the user does not risk receiving SMS or even calls with unnecessary information on their phone.

Provider OnlineSim. Database of numbers and instructions

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The site has categories of virtual numbers. That is, you can buy a specific virtual number for each particular area. Such a division is helpful when it comes to creating accounts in a large number of different social networks.

With the help of the resource, you can buy many virtual numbers, which can then be used to develop an account on specific social networks, brand promotion, and brand products.

Meecho is a platform that requires registration. A virtual sim card allows you to register and earn online outside India.