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Photo editing with Lensa app. Registration | Onlinesim

  • Jan 9, 2023, 3:57 PM
  • 4 minutes

At first glance, Lensa looks like just another of the countless existing apps for image editing. But the app, which has been available since 2018, recently gained a new feature - and catapulted to the top of the App Store charts.

Lensa can create virtual avatars with the help of artificial intelligence. All the app needs are a few selfies and some computing time, and it can produce remarkable results and works of art with a wow effect.

Lensa application. Features, functions

Make your selfies look perfect" is how the developers advertise the new Lensa app in the app stores. Lensa photo editor is supposed to turn ordinary photos into creative masterpieces. Behind the photo editing program is a deep-learning generator that creates the "perfect" filters from millions of Internet templates.

You can see how much the app resonates with users on practically every Instagram feed: Everyone knows someone who has already used the filter. Even the stars and starlets post pictures edited by Lensa.

If you want to create your "Magic Avatar," you upload 10-20 different selfies and your photos to the Lensa app. Depending on the package you choose, it produces up to 200 portrait images created by artificial intelligence.

The main functions of the application:

  • image editing;
  • removing imperfections of the skin of the face;
  • creating a unique avatar with a wow effect.

Many of the results are spectacular, and the software's work can impress.

Account registration or verification. Using a virtual number

To log in to the application, you need to be verified. It is better to use a one-time lensa phone number. This way, the user can create more than one account. This is one of the safe ways of verification. В

A virtual number is a telephone number that works over the Internet. It can be used remotely. You do not need wires and expensive equipment, and you do not need a connection in the base station. You need stable Internet. But you can receive calls to your number even without the Internet by forwarding.

The advantages of using a virtual number:

  • There is no need to buy a new SIM card for one-time use. Mobile operators often require you to top up your account to activate the number;
  • No need to buy a phone to activate the SIM card;
  • It is easy to get a virtual mobile number. Even registration is not necessary everywhere;
  • Low cost of the service. It is always times cheaper than making a new number yourself;
  • It is possible to organize many lines of communication with customers or create a lot of new accounts on social networks;
  • Brand credibility is enhanced through the use of a specific city code and the absence of a subscription fee for a call;
  • The end user of the number cannot be tracked.

A virtual phone number helps register online accounts. Today, most services and applications require a phone number for registration, to which you then receive an SMS message with a code. With entering the code, registration is possible, and the account will remain severely limited in its capabilities. Now it's not necessary to specify a personal phone number because there are virtual services for this purpose. With their help, it is possible to hide your phone number or register many profiles.

Provider OnlineSim. Virtual numbers, purchase, and use. Instructions

Today there is lensa free version that requires only a phone number. The company Online SIM offers a number of operators from all over the world. You can get more lensa photo app promo codes with a virtual number. This is relevant for those who often use apps to create the perfect avatar. To buy a number, you need to choose the country of the operator and the number of digits. You can choose:

  • One-time use of the number. Ideal for registration on various Internet sites, messengers, social networks, online stores, cabs, forums, delivery services, and more. Recently, we often heard about information leaks from sites hacked by hackers. Virtual number is an excellent solution to this problem. Once the SMS verification is over, you can forget about the existence of such a subscriber.
  • To create a large number of accounts. You can use an unlimited number of digits on different sites. Getting a virtual number for verification is much faster and easier than regular mobile numbers. For example, to create a new account, you must specify a virtual number, get an SMS and enter the code in the appropriate form. In the end, you become a new user.

After payment, the virtual number is available for work. Virtual numbers are an excellent option for creating multiple accounts.