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Register Foody with a virtual number | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 3:11 PM
  • 3 minutes

Register Foody with a virtual number

The Foody app permits users to shop for great recipes or conduct downloads of their own recipes, saving them in one place. Foody additionally collaborates with celebrity chefs and food bloggers to monetize their recipes and more.

The idea for Foody began in 2020 as soon as the global coronavirus pandemic began. Many people were looking for content on how to make delicious food from small supplies. Recipes started appearing on Foody that were able to help thousands of users. On Foody, every user can create meals of all kinds, monetize their content, and save and share their recipes with others.

Foody delivery. Features and functions of the service

Foody is a tool that allows authors to publish and share recipes. The user can send out recipes through QR codes and URLs. Signing up for Foody is free, but a small fee is to build a collection of recipes.

Foody goes to market with more than 30 creators, including a list of a dozen leading creators. The company's partners share Foody's vision and highlight unique software that empowers ordinary users in their everyday lives.

Foody account registration and verification

Every user can quickly sign up for the Foody app, or better yet, do it with free virtual numbers from the OnlineSim service. By providing Foodys restaurant with a virtual mobile number that can receive SMS, it will be possible to register an account in the Foody app. A verification code will send an SMS from Foody to the specified number.

Step-by-step instructions for registering with Foody:

  1. Register online or in the OnlineSim app.
  2. Buy a virtual catalog and select the Foody app platform.
  3. Download and install Foody on your Android or iOS device.
  4. Start the registration process in the Foody food app.
  5. When you are asked to enter your cell phone number, copy the new number from your OnlineSim account and paste it into the appropriate field in the app.
  6. Find the Foody email verification code in your OnlineSim account and copy/paste it into the appropriate Foody login field.
  7. Complete the activation of the app.
  8. Your register Foody account is complete!

Virtual numbers by OnlineSim. Buying and using

OnlineSim allows you to privately sign up for any online service, including email services, social networks, messaging, or food apps.

The pool of available cell phone numbers from OnlineSim is more than 10 thousand, and you can choose the number of your choice from mobile operators in 30 countries. Long-term and short-term number rentals are available. This service is a kind of application for fake numbers.

OnlineSim deals with sending and receiving SMS online for registration and verification on websites via SMS. You must register, sign in to your OnlineSim account and choose the desired online service. After that, copy your Foody goody phone number. Then in your mobile account, you will see the code in the SMS. Copy the code to the registration page. Your account will be registered with the verification code.

Foody Virtual Phone Numbers is a solution that allows you to get verification codes and register with any online service and does not require a physical SIM card. Typically, users use a small virtual number code to create verified accounts on social media or instant messaging platforms.

A disposable cell phone number can be used to obtain a mobile number code for complete verification. There is no need to buy another physical SIM card or pay for an expensive annual plan. OnlineSim services have been designed so that users can register without using a physical SIM card. All data is stored in your OnlineSim account. All your verification codes are also held there.