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Sign up in GoFundMe without phone number | Onlinesim

  • May 12, 2023, 5:34 PM
  • 3 minutes

Today, it's much easier to raise money by using various online platforms. One such platform is GoFundMe. This article explains why you need to open a GoFundMe account and how to use a virtual sim to avoid revealing your private phone number.

What Is GoFundMe, And Why Do You Need An Account To Start Crowdfunding?

GoFundMe is a well-known and safe online crowdfunding platform. GoFundMe enables people, businesses, and various organizations to raise money for different causes. Many use it to launch a business; others prefer raising charity donations, etc.

People can create fundraising campaigns by setting financial goals, describing causes, and sharing links to these GoFundMe campaigns via social media. Other users can then donate to the campaign, often leaving messages of support (this is optional).

GoFundMe charges a 2.9% platform fee plus a payment processing fee for each donation. The GoFundMe platform became extremely popular almost immediately, and many individuals managed to raise money for medical bills, disaster relief efforts, creative projects, businesses, etc. GoFundMe has become a popular solution for people to rally support and collect funds quickly, safely, and easily.

Creating an account is absolutely necessary for a few reasons. First, a GoFundMe account allows individuals to get complete control over the campaign, including adding various updates, tracking funds, and withdrawing donations when the goal is reached. Second, a GoFundMe account assists in building trust with potential investors and donors by verifying the identity of the campaign creator and ensuring that the funds will reach people in need.

Third, a profile is necessary for users and the platform to comply with legal requirements. The platform obliges the rules and must ensure users meet age restrictions and report taxes properly. Last but not least, having a GoFundMe account lets users leverage the platform's built-in tools for promoting the campaign.

However, creating an account means revealing one's personal phone number, which isn't ideal for some users. More on that further in the guide.

How Can To Create A GoFundMe Account Without Using A Personal Phone Number?

There are only a few methods to create a GoFundMe account without a private number:

  1. Use a virtual number service, like Onlinesim.
  2. Use a Google Voice number.
  3. Contact the GoFundMe support to see if they can help.

The last solution is rarely successful, but no harm in trying. The easiest method is the first one.

Creating A GoFundMe Account Via A Virtual Phone Number

Services like Onlinesim provide users with virtual phone numbers. They work exactly like real ones, but they are temporary. One must acquire a virtual number first to use it to sign up for GoFundMe. Once you have the number, copy and paste it when registering. Receive a code in your personal account on the chosen virtual phone service, and paste it to verify the account.

Onlinesim Virtual Phone Numbers

Onlinesim is one of the best and most reliable services out there to get a virtual phone number. You must create an account on Onlinesim and pay for one of two available packages. Then you can use the number to sign up on GoFundMe.