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Tips for using a virtual number

  • Oct 1, 2019, 12:45 AM
  • 2 minutes

Recently, cases of blocking pages and accounts on social networks registered to a virtual number have become more frequent. Let's see how this can be avoided.

First, most popular sites can read your location through an IP address. The discrepancy between your country and the country of the registered number may lead to unnecessary suspicion on the part of the site and further blocking. In this case, the solution may be to use VPN and PROXY, so that there is no such conflict of yours with the location number. Of course, paid VPN and PROXY will be many times more effective, but if you do not have the ability or desire to purchase them, then you can use the free option.

Secondly, all browsers store cookies, which are used to store your settings. Accordingly, these files can be read by a site that understands that you have already visited this site from another region, which can also negatively affect the use of a foreign number. Therefore, it is recommended to use a clean browser for registration (in the browser settings to clear cookies), or incognito mode in the browser. The Tor browser may also work.

Thirdly, using the correct name during registration. The correct name means the spelling language of the name and its grammatical correctness. For example, to register a page in a Chinese number, it is better to use a name in Chinese. Since most of us do not know him, you can use the name generation services.

Fourth, fill out the contact information on the page. It is better to immediately put an avatar and fill in some information in order to avert suspicions as much as possible. It is also not recommended to immediately take active actions from the page, such as actively posting messages, joining a large number of groups, spam. Sometimes after registering an account, you need to give time to “lay down” - do not go on it for several days.