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Virtual number. What is it and what are they used for

  • Nov 4, 2019, 8:38 AM
  • 3 minutes

Such a concept as a virtual number appeared relatively recently, but not everyone understands what is behind this term, in this article we will figure out what a virtual number is, how it is created, whether it differs from a regular number and where to use it.

To start with, there are several types of virtual numbers:

1. The first type of such numbers does not really have a physical medium in the form of a SIM card and exists “virtually”. True, such a number, really fully working and not differing in functionality from the usual one, can only be created by a telecom operator. All information, calls and SMS are first recorded on the operator’s server, and only then the information is transmitted to the user of such a number. Such numbers are used in a very narrow segment and are not actively distributed, because their work requires operator resources and related equipment.

2. Pseudo-virtual numbers, which we are talking about on a large number of sites and services that provide them, are not virtual in fact, but have a very real physical SIM card. It is worth considering that for the end consumer, such numbers look virtual, because he uses them through the site, and not through a smartphone. Technically, such numbers are no different from real numbers and can perform exactly the same functions, for example, receiving SMS, calls, forwarding.


Here the differences are dramatic, because often a real virtual number will cost a round amount, and a pseudo virtual one can be rented on a large number of services, for example, if you do not need your own number registered to you.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since the first type of numbers is provided by the operator, in this case there are, of course, more guarantees for its operation, but do not forget about how difficult it is to find an operator with such numbers and the price that must be paid per month for owning such a number.

With the second type of virtual numbers, everything is simpler, it is very simple to get them both on a monthly rental basis and just for a one-time SMS reception. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting that situations are possible when the number is blocked and there is no way to receive additional SMS or dialing.


The question remains, what to choose?

The answer depends only on your tasks and needs. When choosing the first type of rooms you get good stability for the expensive and difficult process of acquiring it. With the second type of numbers, everything is faster, easier and cheaper, but there may be cases of blocking.

Therefore, in the end, the choice is left to the user.