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Forwarding is VERY profitable!

  • Mar 13, 2018, 8:07 PM
  • 1 minute

Dear users, from 12.09 when setting forwarding, the balance of the number will be replenished by 40 rubles. (20 minutes of conversation) at the expense of the service . This is due to the fact that now for the tariff options, at which the cost of the redirected call is 2p / min, the subscriber fee will be charged by 1p per day. If it's easier, everything remains as it was, only now, when setting up the redirection, you immediately have more minutes of conversation, because the balance is 40r., Not 10p., As before . Users who already use call forwarding services will receive an amount equal to the number of days to the balance of numbers before the end of the redirection * 1p.

If you have any questions please write in Tech. support, will be happy to help.