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Anonymity on the Internet and Social Networks

  • Nov 3, 2019, 10:19 AM
  • 4 minutes

The Internet in all its manifestations, including in the format of social networks, has firmly and reliably entered our daily lives. Social networks such as VK, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook and many others are not just a place for entertainment and thoughtless communication. Here, at times, very serious and important issues are resolved, deals are concluded, brisk trade is conducted.

It is for this reason that close attention has been focused on social networks not only in government structures of all formats, but also in criminal elements. Why not? This format presents extremely wide opportunities for tracking a person.

When do you need anonymity in social networks?

For this reason, many people and organizations are thinking about trying to maintain anonymity in social networks. “And why is this necessary?” - the respectable citizen will say - “I do not violate the laws. And I have no special reason to hide. ”

Indeed, there is an opinion that anonymity in VK, Telegram, WhatsApp and other popular social networks is required, first of all, to scammers of all stripes and other criminal elements. Like, if you are trying to hide, then you are planning something illegal.

In fact, there is a certain amount of truth in this. It is not for nothing that the government of the Russian Federation, within the framework of the law, is struggling with anonymity on the Internet in general, and in social networks in particular.

But here there is a flip side to the coin. In many cases, confidentiality may also be required by citizens who are completely law-abiding.

  • If necessary, bypassing the bans of social networks. Sometimes a person, due to his inexperience or, let's say, just inattention, made some actions, posted material that is prohibited by the rules of social services. network. He did it unintentionally, but the most severe penalties may follow from the administration, up to blocking the account. Using an anonymous IP address will help re-register on this portal.
  • When using spam, viral advertising in your own work. You can argue for a long time and hoarse about the ethical side of this issue, but at the legislative level, albeit on the brink, but spam and viral advertising are in the legal field. Another thing is that the social. networks are actively fighting this. And to bypass protection, virtual addresses can and should be used.
  • As the famous proverb says: “The Internet is a big mess, where, of course, you can find a lot of interesting things.” So, far from all people want to leave their personal data thoughtlessly, and even more so, to authorize themselves completely on incomprehensible sites. And I must say, they’re doing it right. You can always use virtual addresses from our company and remain anonymous on the network, at least for third-party people. You can always identify yourself for your loved ones, friends, groups - this is absolutely not a problem.
  • And other life situations, when I really do not want to reveal my personality and position on the Internet, there may be plenty.

Errors in trying to hide your identity

The most important mistake that our experts face is users' misunderstanding of how, in principle, the network works, including the social one. Sometimes there is an erroneous idea that you can use the login "from Latin letters" to ensure anonymity. In fact, confidentiality in this case is very far.

One of the optimal solutions in this situation is the use of virtual numbers. In this case, you can provide truly maximum protection for your personal data, your information, as well as more effectively fulfill your professional duties.

How to become anonymous using virtual numbers?

You get a virtual number and register with it on any sites and in any social networks and instant messengers, which gives you the opportunity not to provide your real phone number.

Of course, if a similar task arises before you, then we can advise you to use our virtual numbers, they are also intended for anonymity on social networks and the Internet.

A detailed example of the use of our virtual numbers can be found in this article.