Jul 21, 2021

Bypass and Save Privacy on G2A, Using Virtual Number |

Most gamers create a G2A account without fear. But there are many people who consider this project controversial and risky. This is due to the spreading of fakes that are circulating on the network. For a long time, the G2A has been surrounded by accusations and opinions based largely on outdated information and misconceptions. With this in mind, we decided to refute the erroneous accusations and clarify several points that caused confusion in the past. Let's see how this website actually works. We will tell you how to activate your account using a fake phone number.

Site G2A, its Features — List of Services Provided

Thousands of video games are released on the market and the prices of such products continue to rise. Of course, it’s worrying a lot of gamers. However, there are several online stores that sell discounted games. G2A is one of the largest. It’s a platform with over 19 million users worldwide. Through this website, people can buy and sell any digital product and this is associated with tremendous opportunities.

The only thing a gamer needs to do is complete the verification procedure. In this regard, the owners of the platform are not scrupulous and only require to provide the phone number valid at the time of registration. On this website, people can find activation codes, skins, digital games, items, and others. But you cannot buy some products without the G2A phone verification procedure completed. This is the same prerequisite as most other online stores. So, it should be considered in more detail.

What Opportunities Users Have After Verifying a Phone Number (Virtual or Standard)?

G2A is a store similar to eBay or Craigslist. These are well-known sites, but not everything can be bought through such platforms. We are talking about digital products. It is for such a category that this website was created. It would be fair to say that e-commerce is not the main line of business for this project. The G2A owners also sponsor esports teams and YouTub vloggers. Charitable and other events are held through the website. Thus, people who activate an account with a phone number will always receive advertising SMS. Not everyone will like it.

The G2A Marketplace is where any merchant can register their store providing only a phone number. Of course, it can be a virtual SIM card. Although this will not in any way affect the capabilities that this website offers. Looking to resell digital license keys? This platform is available to everyone and offers a range of services. It’s about the G2A Direct, an online payment website, and G2A Plus (a loyalty program for all users).

Privacy Policy & Verification With a Temporary Phone Number

People buy stuff on eBay or Craigslist and are always looking for discounts, right? This is the same demeanor for people looking to purchase digital products. So G2A owners are doing everything in their power to create an ID that lowers the cost. This platform will certainly interest gamers who do not want to overpay for licensed products. Each year, G2A attracts over 4,000,000 new customers and performs over 10 million transactions worldwide. Of course, it is really impressive. When it comes to the privacy policy, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. G2A.COM offers to protect your account using two-factor authorization and verification
  2. This company has managed to create a secure and user-friendly digital marketplace and this is a proven fact
  3. G2A now uses several APIs
  4. None of the users who completed the verification procedure using a virtual or real phone number has problems accessing their account

G2A is not a reseller. It is a platform that brings together different people and offers a place for digital products. Thus, the G2A website works as a real free market. For example, a person can purchase a graphics card that also comes with a free game key. If people only want to activate the game, they can sell the hardware through the G2A and get profit.

How to Buy Digital Products?

The buying process is very simple like the G2A login procedure. People get an activation key for the selected game in just a minute. After accepting the payment, they will receive an email. All gamers have to do is enter the code they purchased from G2A to download and install the game. G2A’s users can pay with iDeal, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Visa, MasterCard, and even with Bitcoin. It's really easy whether you are using virtual or real phone numbers. Many gamers are convinced that temporary access is sufficient and there is no need to spend money and buy an additional SIM card.

Use the OnlineSim Service & Keep Your Privacy

G2A is an innovative, globally recognized platform that offers quick and easy access to a wide range of products such as Steam or Origin games. All gamers do is simply activate an account with a phone number, which can be temporary or virtual. It is also possible to purchase software activation licenses and Xbox Live cards through this store at very low prices. Agree, these are truly unique opportunities. Although it's fair to say that not every seasoned gamer or digital merchant will need one phone number. Therefore, the services provided by OnlineSim are so in demand.

OnlineSim is one of the best fake phone numbers platforms that offer a free virtual phone number for SMS verification. This platform allows people to receive an SMS confirmation of any service. The phone number will be active for 10 minutes and is available for single use only. After 10 minutes, it will be deactivated and the received data will be deleted. Get a virtual number now and you are unlikely to regret your decision! With OnlineSim, people open as many accounts as they need. No restrictions!

Most often people use temporary phone numbers to keep their privacy protected. We can assume that most gamers and people who do digital deals are being watched by the government and companies. But people do not want to make it easier for hackers and marketers, whatever their intentions. So you should restrict access to your personal data from other people by using a fake phone number. OnlineSim is the platform you must choose.

Use Databases of Virtual Numbers for Successful Registration

Tired of robotic calls and text spam messages that result from leaving your phone number on different websites? This also applies to the G2A. Almost 80% of Americans who are concerned about the security of their personal information prefer the OnlainSim platform. With this website, you don't have to provide your real phone numbers. No one can track your browser activity. But this is not the only advantage. People who have not yet decided to buy a temporary phone number should pay attention to the following:

  • Blocking one of the accounts won't cause a problem since people can repeat registration with a new virtual number
  • With OnlineSim, gamers can create multiple accounts on G2A without buying a SIM card
  • You will not be called for refunds or threatened since personal data will not be available after the deactivation of the service

A temporary phone number is a virtual number that is not associated with a telephone line and the owner of the sim. It is a part of the software as a service (SaaS). Virtual phone numbers can be generated in a variety of ways that will help gamers keep their privacy when buying and selling digital products through G2A. Be especially meticulous in this regard if you do not want to be frustrated by hacking or intrusive calls. With virtual phone numbers from OnlineSim, such problems are excluded.


G2A platform provides everything related to the gaming industry and is available all over the world. Whether you are looking for a Star Wars, Battlefront II or Assassin's Creed, and other origins key, you can buy it through this site with a virtual number. Since the market is mainly focused on video games, most of the products are digital.

Сan websites get your phone number with G2A? The platform is very specific. This applies not only to the privacy policy but also to the opening of an account. Most of those who want to sell or buy through this site are looking for a temporary number to receive SMS. This is because they want to keep their anonymity. Thus, OnlineSim and G2A work well together. This is a platform from which you will receive not just one number, but as much as you need.

We checked a large number of gaming forums and blogs to see how many gamers have complained about this project. We make sure that the people who actually order the games said they received keys in just a few minutes. So, using G2A and OnlineSim is a promising undertaking.