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Chat Livu. Virtual number usage and signup process | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 4:06 PM
  • 5 minutes

Chat LivU. Virtual number usage and signup process

The LivU app allows users to video chat with other random people from anywhere on our planet. The app can be considered a chat roulette for smartphones to get to know each other. The user can see the other interlocutors and switch from one to the other, and he can only talk with those who are attracted to him.

Once you establish a video connection, you can continue to LivU chat with them. If you don't like someone, you can quickly move on to the next person. Additionally, the LivU app allows you to chat with men, women, or all at once.

LivU stands out with an interesting safety feature that makes the image blurry when your smartphone camera can't focus on your face. That way, you won't get potentially unpleasant content.

LivU looks like an exciting app allowing users to meet and have interesting conversations. Let's understand how to register on LivU and why it's better to use a virtual phone number for this procedure.

Features of the LivU app

The live video chat application provides exciting and meaningful online communication. LivU supports video calls, online matchmaking, and text chat.

With LivU, you can:

  • Instant online friend matching. Here you can set preferences by choosing gender and region and add users to your friend list to chat directly with them whenever you want in text chat or one-on-one video chat.
  • 1-on-1 video calls.
  • Make video calls to friends and other users online directly.
  • Ability to send gifts and apply exciting filters.
  • Live translator right there in the chat room.
  • Video filters and beauty effects.
  • Unlimited text chat.

Privacy and Security

LivU cares about the privacy and security of every user. LivU supports various features that provide each user with a safe and pleasant space to communicate. Each video chat starts with a blurred filter to increase your security. Live one-on-one video chats are entirely private, and no other users have access to the history of your conversations. Additionally, LivU offers a variety of optional paid features that provide excellent selectivity when making friends.

The registration process at LivU

First, the user must download the App on their iOS and Android devices. After that, you can start creating a LivU multiple accounts and have all the features of the platform at your disposal. Open the LivU app, enter your username and password and click "LivU app Login." You can also sign in to your account with your Facebook and Google accounts or your phone number. In this case, we recommend using a virtual phone number to protect yourself from having your personal information declassified. A virtual phone number performs the same functions as a standard number, and its purpose is to pass a successful verification by receiving a verification code from the site.

Sign in via Facebook

  1. Open the LivU app on your cell phone or through the website.
  2. Choose Sign up - Sign in.
  3. Then click Continue with Facebook.
  4. Enter your Facebook credentials - click Login.
  5. Next, LivU will need to provide access to personal Facebook account information.

Sign in via PC

Signing in to LivU on a PC is easy. Visit the LivU website through your Internet browser. Click the Sign In button and give the site your name and password.

OnlineSim virtual number for LivU account verification

There's nothing strange that any sites, like LivU, ask for a cell phone number to access your account. This is necessary to protect your account and other users' accounts from bots and scammers. The authentication code sent to the number you provide is unique and valid for a limited time. Using your actual phone number to access your account is not always convenient or secure.

Pay attention to the virtual number provider OnlineSim. It has a high level of protection and loyal prices. You can try directories for free before buying. The purchased virtual directory will belong only to you. You have 10,000 nums from more than 30 countries at your disposal.

Users create verification accounts with a small virtual number code on LivU or social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat. You can use a disposable cell phone number for verification. There is no need to buy another physical SIM card and pay for an expensive annual plan. OnlineSim allows users to activate the LivU register without using a physical SIM card.

How to get a virtual number for the LivU application? The service OnlineSim will help you with the following:

  1. Open OnlineSim.
  2. If you are satisfied with the trial version, register on its website and top up your balance.
  3. Buy a number. During this process, you can choose your desired location.
  4. Go to the LivU website or the official app and start the registration process.
  5. Enter your virtual number at the step where you need to enter your phone number.
  6. Check your virtual account, and an authentication code will be delivered in a message. If the message did not arrive, contact your virtual SIM provider. If you have chosen OnlineSim as your virtual LivU contact number provider, you do not have to do this, as the messages arrive immediately.
  7. Copy and paste the code into the appropriate field on the LivU app/website.
  8. Complete the registration process.

OnlineSim numbers work like regular numbers but over the Internet. Social networking platforms accept them as normal numbers because they contain country and mobile operator codes. There are free and paid virtual numbers. Your LivU verification code will be delivered within seconds. In addition, you can choose your phone number from anywhere in the world and avoid possible regional restrictions.

After registering your SIM card online at your chosen site, simply top up your balance and buy a phone number where you want it. Then, during account registration, specify that cell phone number and confirm it by copying the authentication code into the appropriate field from your personal online SIM cabinet.