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Create a Ankama account without a phone number | Onlinesim

  • May 12, 2023, 4:14 PM
  • 3 minutes

Ankama launcher is a modern gaming software. Most of the technological structure for users has been adapted into a single application. Users can receive an Ankama gift code immediately after registering an account, as well as extensive access to the developer's cloud technologies and game projects on favorable terms. Ankama account provides a stable and secure connection. However, only some want to use personal data to register an account. For these purposes, you can use the virtual number Onlinesim. It will help to hide confidential data when creating an account and ensure one hundred percent registration and processing of personal data by the individual tasks of each user.

Description of the Ankama registration process and essential points when filling out the form

Ankama account provides extensive access to the cloud and enhances the gaming experience for efficient development and full tracking of the migration path. You can use your personal Ankama account login to access extensive functionality and data center tracking options.

To register a personal account and Ankama login, you need to follow a simple procedure:

  1. Identifier and a unique login to enter a personal account. You create an Ankama login directly during the registration process. The individual account ID is used to identify the user uniquely so that this data can be used regularly for access. In this case, the login cannot be changed just like that.
  2. Password. After creating a login, you must create a unique password that uniquely identifies a specific user.
  3. When creating an Ankama account using a login, you must use a secure algorithm. For this, a unique Ankama code is used, which provides a high level of security for everyone.

For all types of accounts, original logins and login identifiers uniquely identify the user's identity for access.

Creating mail using a virtual number for anonymous registration in Ankama

You can use a virtual number when creating a login to access your Ankama account and launcher. With the help of a virtual number loader and a personal login, you can protect your account and reduce the risk of hacking. You can use the Ankama code to verify your identity much faster and more efficiently. The code usually comes in real-time by message through the virtual number service.

New accounts create a unique login as an account ID in a launcher, so you can use email access to change the details if necessary. If you want to do this process, you must specify a virtual number and an email address.

To get the Ankama gift code, you must create a unique login to access your account recovery. A unique login and access identifiers are different concepts, so it is essential to consider them to identify all parameters when registering.

Buying virtual numbers with the Onlinesim service

You can use Onlinesim virtual numbers to create an Ankama login to access your account. To purchase a virtual number via your account, you need to register your account via a personal login. After that, you must select the desired number for the login and pay for the purchase in the shop. This whole procedure takes little time. You can renew your virtual number to receive an access code and alerts in your Ankama account recovery. Using a virtual number increases your online security and reduces the risk of personal data theft if you need to create a profile using the original login and phone number.