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Create a Clicksure account without a phone number | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 5:47 PM
  • 4 minutes

How To Create A Clicksure Account Without A Private Phone Number?

There are many helpful services today that we can use for various purposes. One such service is Clicksure. It's an affiliate program or network where vendors can sell their products with the aid of marketers. It's not a marketplace to sell products; it's just an affiliate program that enables freelance marketers or people with marketing skills to earn money for promoting products on Clicksure.

However, one must create an account to become a Clicksure affiliate program member. Some people dislike the idea of signing up on a Clicksure website by using their private phone numbers. It's known that our personal data is invaluable, and many want to use it to their benefit. Thus, people aren't willing to post their private numbers. On the bright side, you can sign up for a Clicksure affiliate program with a virtual number!

Clicksure Platform. Services And Functions

Clicksure is an affiliate network with product creators and marketers. The idea is that a product creator posts their website, and a marketer signs up to promote their brand. It's an affiliate network that enables vendors to quickly sell their products or services with the aid of marketers.

Logically, the product or service provider creates their product. However, instead of investing in a marketing campaign that requires research, the vendor participates in the Clicksure affiliate program. Any marketer can start promoting these products while receiving a percentage of sales through the Clicksure affiliate network.

Thus, everybody is happy: the marketer receives payment, the vendor sells products, and the buyer gets products. Clicksure has a straightforward affiliate program that protects the vendor and marketers. All parties understand how much they receive on Clicksure. As a result, the vendor doesn't have to create a marketing campaign by researching their audience or interacting with clients through social media: that's the job of marketers.

Thus, vendors can focus on creating products or providing services. Typically, an advertisement campaign takes time and money. However, Clicksure's affiliate program enables vendors to cut costs. Clicksure's affiliate network is also great for marketers who can find products and brands they want to promote.

Vendors submit their items or services for sale, and affiliates (or marketers) promote these brands. A marketer can choose any product or brand to promote from Clicksure. It's recommended to choose items that you would use for yourself. However, you can determine which ones are good and worth promoting.

Once you've decided which product/s on Clicksure to advertise, you can begin sharing the affiliate link. Spamming the link all over social networks is not recommended because you'll ruin your reputation, and nobody buys from spammers.

Affiliate Clicksure marketing has potential, and the beauty of it is that you can have hundreds of income streams. Furthermore, it is passive income, which means you can earn money on Clicksure.

A Guide To Clicksure Account Creation And Verification

Just like all other platforms, Clicksure requires users to create accounts. The sign-up process requires new users to add their personal information, including their names, surnames, email addresses, and phone numbers. Typically, the system can send a verification code or a verification letter through an email, but still, Clicksure requires a phone number for safety issues. Even if you create an account through your email, it won't operate properly without adding the phone number.

As mentioned, some people dislike the idea of adding their private numbers. Thus, they can use a virtual sim service that we'll talk about further in the article.

A Virtual Sim Card As An Alternative To Personal Number. How To Buy And Use?

If you want to sign up for Clicksure services, you can create a virtual sim on OnlineSim to get an additional virtual number. The sim works just like your regular one, except you won't have a physical copy. Instead of receiving messages on your phone, you will get those in your OnlineSim mailbox once you sign up.

Here's what you need to sign up for OnlineSim services:

  • Choose the "sign up" option.
  • Then choose a social network you want to use to register on the website.

The website allows you to sign up with Facebook, Gmail, and Telegram. Choose an option that suits your requirements, and you're good to go. The next step is to choose what online sim you want to buy. Here are two available options:

  • book a phone number for one message, up to 20 minutes;
  • book a number for a full day, unlimited messages.

The first option costs $0,01, and the second requires a $3 payment. Most users choose the first option if they need to verify the account quickly. When signing up on Clicksure, add copy and paste the number that you booked. Then wait till you receive the verification code. Copy and paste it when verifying the Clicksure profile.