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Create a Wheely account without a phone number | Onlinesim

  • Nov 17, 2022, 12:08 PM
  • 3 minutes

Wheely is a luxury service for private drivers in the business, premium, or deluxe vehicles. The service's drivers are subject to a strict selection process, including local knowledge and etiquette tests. Users can book a driver for themselves or a third party. The app offers both ordering a Wheely ride shortly and booking.

Wheely was founded in 2010 and is currently represented in London and Paris. Let's find out how to sign to Wheely driver and why using a virtual phone number is better.

Wheely service. Features

Calling up a Wheely car with a personal driver "on demand" is more cost-effective than, for example, keeping a car and an employee on staff. Wheely does not cooperate with taxi companies: an order placed in the Wheely app will not be answered by a car with advertising or cab signs.

The Wheely partners are transport companies and individual entrepreneurs who own business-class cars and use them specifically for providing a personal driver service through the Wheely app. Therefore, the trip cost with Wheely car service is always fair for both parties.

Wheely customers are wealthy people who value high-quality service and safety. It is also important to note the time it takes to deliver a car, which is now an average of no more than five minutes.

The Wheely free customer service helps you to resolve difficult situations quickly and stands by the quality of the ride: if users have rated a ride less than 4 out of 5, they will be contacted to find out what could have gone wrong with the ride. The helpdesk immediately relays the information to the transport department so that appropriate action can be taken by staff on the ground.

Registration in the Wheely service

The user must download and install the free Wheely app in the App Store or Google Store. To start using the Wheely app, the user must register; this can only be done using a cell phone number. After registering on the Wheely app, the service will prompt users to activate their accounts by verifying them. Make a Wheely driver login. After Wheely login, the user can enter their name and personal information.

By the way, by entering your phone number, you run the risk of falling into the hands of fraudsters, as this information will get on the Internet. To protect yourself, you must use a virtual phone number that works like a real number. You can choose a virtual number from OnlineSim.

A virtual number by OnlineSim

OnlineSim provides virtual directories that can be accessed for further action in general. The site's database includes more than 10,000 virtual phone numbers from more than 30 countries. Remember that personal privacy is a critical component of today's online activities.

Use OnlineSim to verify in the Wheely app:

  1. Go to the OnlineSim website.
  2. Select Free Phone Numbers or Paid Phone Numbers.
  3. Select the Wheely app and a virtual phone number from the list.
  4. Then the site will give the user the phone by getting a verification code via SMS.

The user now has a verification code for the virtual number, which can be used on Wheely.

OnlineSim is a verified site that helps users get free virtual numbers that get verification codes without using a real phone number. After receiving a message to the virtual number containing the verification code, the user becomes a Wheely customer and can use the business class booking service.