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Create an Audible account without a phone number | Onlinesim

  • Oct 3, 2022, 5:14 PM
  • 5 minutes

Audible is Amazon's audiobook and podcast service that works on cell phones and tablets and through web versions. Audible gives users unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks and more that are premiere or bestsellers. Audible app provides free access for 30 days after which paid services are activated.

Audible service features and functions

Audible costs €9.99 per month. You don't have to become an Amazon Prime customer to access Audible audiobooks. Each member gets access to a 30-day free trial, which can permanently be canceled. For users like Amazon Prime members, the price is 9.99 euros per month. Audible Prime members have the advantage of being able to try Audible services for free for 3 months.

Additionally, users are offered paid books at 9.99 euros, but without a monthly subscription. Everything else you can listen to without restriction in online or offline modes. You can cancel your subscription and continue to use it until the trial period expires.

Audible allows you to sign in to your Amazon account through the site/app. The user can own all the titles on the platform in an unlimited way and listen to audiobooks as many times as they want. Promo for Audible works on Android and iOS devices using the Amazon Echo speaker.

Audible website

On the site, the user logs in with their Amazon username and password, selects a program/audiobook, looks for a chapter, and clicks "Play." Then a pop-up window appears where you can choose the narrative speed, pause, skip to the next episodes and advance/postpone playback for 30 seconds to go to the desired part.

Audible via mobile devices

With a cell phone or tablet, the user can get more options. That is, you can download audiobooks to listen to them offline.

Audible filters

There are all kinds of filters to find what you want. In addition to the categories themselves, you can filter by:

  • New releases (this week, last week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks)
  • Sound catalog (on/off)
  • Duration (under an hour, 1-3 hours, 3-6 hours, 6-10 hours, 10-20 hours, over twenty hours)
  • By Language
  • Accent
  • Format (audiobook, interview, speech or conference, syllabus)


The Audible app's statistics section helps us listen to audiobooks or podcasts. You can see how much time you spent listening to audiobooks by time. Users can also see how many titles they have heard and collect badges/medals when testing the app.

Types of medals:

  • Listen to books for seven days
  • Finish a book
  • When you listen to books at night, it's like insomnia
  • If you listen to audiobooks on the weekends
  • A repeat listener if you start a finished book

The user also gets an increased level of getting more hours with Audible:

  • Newcomer
  • Rookie
  • Pro
  • Scholar
  • Master's Degree

Creating an Audible profile. How to register and use your personal number

Logging into Audible (app or desktop version) is accessible for every user. Use your account Audible or Amazon account to log in.

  1. First, download the Audible app or log in through the official Audible com login website. You can also use your own Amazon ID.
  2. Click on "Create an account.
  3. Enter the necessary information (first name, last name, phone number, email address).
  4. Right after that, the service will ask you to go through the verification process.
  5. Log in to Audible using your credentials.

We should add that using your actual phone number for registering with Audible does not seem like a good decision since you can get around it and keep your personal information private. A virtual phone number is recommended, which can be obtained from the OnlineSim service. We will talk about virtual numbers next.

Passing Audible verification using a virtual number

Virtual directories are an excellent tool for circumventing the various regional restrictions imposed by online platforms, including Audible. They work like regular mobile directories but over the Internet. These online directories can be used when you subscribe to a platform with regional restrictions.

The trick is that you can select any country from a list of available countries, and the platform will treat you as a resident of that country. There are hundreds of free and paid virtual cell phone number services. Free services, unfortunately, cannot guarantee a high level of data protection. In addition, their connection is unstable because they cannot afford to invest money in decent software and hardware.

Paid hosting services are more stable and reliable. When choosing a virtual directory, always consider the list of countries it offers. In addition, to choose a reliable company, find out how many guides it owns and what mobile operators it works with.

OnlineSim is a reliable virtual directory of placements. It has more than 10,000 online sims in its arsenal. This provider has an impressive list of countries and mobile operators. It has directories from 30 countries, including manuals with phone codes. This company cares about the privacy of its customers. Your data will not be available to anyone else.

You can choose a virtual phone numbers and register Audible account:

  1. Go to the OnlineSim website.
  2. Select "Free Phone Numbers" (to familiarize yourself with the service) or "Paid Phone Numbers (you can buy phone numbers online)."
  3. Select the desired country, phone number, and mobile application for Audible from the list.
  4. The site will then provide the user with a phone number from that country, receiving an SMS with a verification code. Enter the phone number you received to receive the Audible software verification code via SMS - enter it in the Audible registration field.

The verification code is now available to the user. Communication in OnlineSim virtual number for verification is stable, and the sms verification codes come quickly. You can order short-term directories as well as numbs for long-term use. The best part is that OnlineSim offers free trials of its services.