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Create profile in Mercadolibre using a virtual phone number | Onlinesim

  • Mar 24, 2023, 4:03 PM
  • 3 minutes

MercadoLibre is an Argentine e-commerce corporation. Mercado operates in various South American countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Peru. Marcos Galperin established the firm back in 1999. Since then, it has evolved to become the largest e-commerce platform in South America.

Today, Mercado has over 300 million registered users and a market worth over $100 billion. Keep reading to learn how to register on the platform via a virtual number.

MercadoLibre Platform. MercadoLibre's Features And Functions

MercadoLibre is an online marketplace. Mercado connects buyers and sellers of various things, such as apparel, electronics, household appliances, food, etc. The Mercado website also provides its vendors with payment processing services, logistics, and shipping services. Moreover, sellers may also use mercadolibre's advertising and marketing solutions.

Mercado has recently moved into financial services. Overall, MercadoLibre gives its users a variety of financial goods. The list includes insurance, loans, investment funds, etc. Mercado provides these services through its subsidiary MercadoPago.

Mercado has played an important role in expanding e-commerce in South America. Today, MercadoLibre gives millions of consumers access to online shopping and financial services in regions where traditional retail and banking infrastructure is unavailable or insufficient.

The platform offers the following services:

  • Online marketplace. This service is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can buy and sell various products and services.
  • Payment processing. The platform's payment processing service, MercadoPago, allows buyers and sellers to complete safe financial operations.
  • Shipping and logistics. The platform has a huge network which includes warehouses and delivery services.
  • Advertising and marketing solutions. Sellers can attract buyers by using extensive tools on the platform.
  • Financial services. Such options as loans and insurance are now available for purchase.
  • Customer support. The website features a professional support system.

Moreover, the website also has a convenient mobile app to access the marketplace through a phone or tablet.

MercadoLibre Registration Via Phone Numbers

You must create and verify your account to start seeking sellers or buyers on this platform. The process requires using your phone number. However, many people don't like this idea since they have to use their personal numbers. Despite so many benefits and access to sellers, people prefer to keep their private data private.

Luckily, a different option requires using a virtual phone number. The registration and verification process is the same as when using a standard phone number. The only difference is that you get the virtual sim temporarily and must pay for the service. Moreover, instead of getting the code into your phone, you get it in the inbox of the service that you use.

Verification On MercadoLibre Via OnlineSim Virtual Number. A Step-By-Step Guide

Here's how to re

  • Sign up for a Mercado account (you may do this using Telegram, Facebook (Meta), or Google).
  • Choose the country of your future virtual number (select the code).
  • Choose a virtual phone number from the list of available virtual numbers.
  • Choose a service plan (twenty minutes to receive one code or 24 hours with unlimited codes).
  • Pay for the chosen service plan to receive a virtual phone number.
  • When you sign up for a Mercado account, copy and paste the virtual phone number to insert it in the corresponding field.
  • The code will be sent to your OnlineSim account's inbox.
  • Copy and paste the code from a virtual phone number to verify the Mercado account.

Thus, the sign up and verification processes are completed. Here's info about the price plans:

  • 20 minutes - $0.01.
  • 24 hours - $3.

Selling or buying items on Mercado is safe and easy when you have a personal profile.