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Crypto Paxful. Signup process via virtual number usage | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 12:00 AM
  • 5 minutes

Crypto Paxful — Signup Process Via Virtual Number

Paxful delivers peer-to-peer solutions for many enthusiasts from the EU , the USA, and China. They offer e-wallets where people can buy and sell BTC. The project was founded by a team of financial professionals in 2015 as EasyBitz and renamed Paxful. In 5+ years, this exchange platform has grown to 6+ million users. These days, Paxful processes over 300,000 transactions per day. This is definitely a reason to be proud.

The Paxful trade platform was created to make it easier for enthusiasts who prefer digital ecosystems to buy and sell Bitcoins after they enter a login and complete account verification. Like Coinbase, this website is designed from the ground up to be accessible, easy to use, and most importantly, as an educational tool to help people quickly expand their crypto knowledge base. Let's see if trading with Paxful is profitable and how promising it is. For thousands of enthusiasts who want to trade Bitcoin, this is an important issue.

Paxful Trading — Service Features

The Paxful platform has been operating since 2015, and its main goal is to help consumers sell/buy/store crypto coins in various ways. The main market is Africa where transactions on Paxful have increased by more than 130 percent over 2020. The creators emphasize that their goal is to build the best global P2P payment ecosystem. People who want to trade specifically through this platform should consider the following:

  • The minimum transfer amount for the Paxful is 10 euros, but it may vary depending on the merchant
  • The maximum transfer amount varies
  • No commissions for buyers, 1% of the transaction for the Paxful sellers
  • Paxful updates its prices online so that users can trade with minimal risk

The Paxful Trade Account — Benefits

The key characteristic of Paxful is that this resource connects cryptocurrency buyers with sellers. But this is not the only surprise prepared by the owners of the project. This P2P platform is an intermediary between thousands of people and is available in 150+ countries. Here are other features of the Paxful account:

  1. This trading platform owners accept fiat money as its currency. People who want to trade BTC always pay attention to such nuances. The more coins available, the more diversified the portfolio will be. So, the flexibility of the conditions for the Paxful trade platform should not be underestimated.
  2. Investors can use USD, GBP, PHP, CAD, CNY, INR, EUR, RUB, AUD, IDR, NZD, and NGN. It is this abundance that is the main reason why experienced people trade through Paxful. Hundreds of positive reviews about the platform are proof of this.
  3. Paxful trading app is 100% free to download and install. People don't have to pay for a platform membership, although, of course, they will have to pay when they trade Bitcoins.

People who want to make their first Bitcoin purchase with the trading account should definitely be interested in the Paxful exchange. This company is registered in the USA, in Philadelphia. The main goal of the project is to create a global peer-to-peer network that will allow users from all over the world to buy and sell Bitcoins without misunderstandings and account blocking.

Account Registration

Opening a Paxful trading account is easy. All people need to install the app, sign in with the correct email, and add a payment. А trading platform accepts 300+ methods — from bank accounts to PayPal or Payoneer. Once the registration process and filling the details in the online form on the Paxful exchange platform is completed, each registered user gets access to their personal e-wallet to trade and make money.

Restrictions for a Paxful Account Owner — Where to Trade?

Paxful operates in 120+ countries, providing people with a variety of currency options that they can exchange for bitcoin. This website’s owners are not focused on the EU or the USA, but there are countries that have been highlighted in the main view:

  • Russia
  • China
  • Nigeria
  • India

The Paxful Verification Procedure

Paxful account allows people to accumulate their funds in dedicated online storage and manage all transactions. This company offers a strong verification to protect trading. Access to all e-wallets on Paxful is allowed only after a phone verification. In an email with an activation link that will be sent to the mailbox people who want to access a Paxful account must find answers to 2 questions. New users can verify their profiles with their mobile phones by activating them via SMS. Only after that, they can trade on Paxful.

Using a Virtual Number Online Sim — Guide

To use an account, basic data is sufficient. It’s about login, password, and email address. You must also add a Paxful phone number. The first step after opening an account is appropriate security (two-step authentication when logging in). Using a virtual number for Paxful verification, people will significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of hackers who every day are looking for a way to rob the owners of virtual currency. If you prefer the Online Sim platform, the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Create an account on the Online Sim website and buy a virtual number for Paxful. This platform offers flexible conditions for any verification. People who are involved in trading can activate 10+ “phone lines”.
  2. Enter Paxful login to access the page settings. You can do this through the web resource or the trading app.
  3. Complete the filling in of personal data in the Paxful online form by entering the activated phone number.
  4. Complete Paxful verification to trade on the platform without restrictions.

The Online Sim platform is a universal resource for obtaining virtual numbers. Thousands of users visit this website in order to hide their personal data from intruders. This also applies to the Paxful sign-in procedure. Use a virtual SIM card for verification, and you won't be disappointed when you trade BTC.