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CryptoTab. Service registration without a phone | Onlinesim

  • Feb 12, 2023, 9:44 PM
  • 3 minutes

CryptoTab is the first browser worldwide to feature mining. Users can earn BTC through standard video viewing, networking, and online gaming. The CryptoTab community has over 35 million users. By using the CryptoTab browser, the user will always remain a winner.

Consider how to register a user with CryptoTab and a virtual phone number as an option for sign in CryptoTab.

CryptoTab service. Features and list of functions

CryptoTab can be considered a flexible and functional browser that holds every tool for comfortable web surfing with an additional set of unique features.

  • Make money while using the browser. The user can turn on mining and, at the same time, enjoy their favorite shows, news, and socializing while online. All other nuances are taken care of by the built-in CryptoTab mining algorithm.
  • Fast mining algorithm. CryptoTab browser consists of a built-in mining algorithm that allows you to use the resources of your PC or mobile device effectively. Cloud.Boost feature allows you to increase the speed of mining on any equipment to earn more.
  • Switching to a new browser from your old one is easier. CryptoTab can ultimately become a replacement for your standard browser. Import bookmarks, history, passwords, settings, and more quickly and securely.
  • Use CryptoTab miner on any device. PC, Mac, phone, or tablet can become a powerful mining farm. Can I use CryptoTab on a phone? Conduct Bitcoin mining on smartphones/tablets with the CryptoTab Browser Lite mobile app and CryptoTab PRO version.

Create a CryptoTab profile

Use the CryptoTab browser as follows:

  1. Download the CryptoTab app on your Android or iOS device or use the desktop version of the program.
  2. Navigate to the registration field.
  3. Enter the personal information that the CryptoTab app asks for and the country, location, and city of residence.
  4. Go through the CryptoTab phone number verification procedure.
  5. Click "Done" and log into CryptoTab.

After CryptoTab login, the service will ask for your phone number during registration. You can use OnlineSim to bypass this point and provide a virtual phone number that performs the same functions as a standard number. The privilege of using a virtual number from OnlineSim is the complete security of the user, so you will not declassify your personal information.

Virtual number from OnlineSim for CryptoTab registration

OnlineSim boasts more than 10,000 virtual directories from more than 30 locations worldwide. It also works with more than 500 mobile carriers from different countries. You will be able to choose a phone number according to your region. There are directories for short-term and long-term use. Enter your virtual phonebook in the corresponding field during CryptoTab's registration and SMS verification process. A unique code will be delivered to your OnlineSim account.

Now let's look in detail at what you need to do to verify in CryptoTab account:

  1. Register your OnlineSim account and go to the payments section.
  2. You will see the proposed ways to refill your account via SMS, from which you have to choose the most convenient one.
  3. Choose a virtual number and country on the main page, choosing CryptoTab.
  4. You must enter the number you bought at OnlineSim and send an SMS notification. A notification with a verification code appears in your OnlineSim personal cabinet. Copy and paste this SMS CryptoTab in the corresponding field.

It is done!​​