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Cryptotrade Stormgain. Virtual number for account verification\registration | Onlinesim

  • Mar 14, 2023, 10:45 PM
  • 5 minutes

Crypto Trade StormGain Sign Up

StormGain is a new project and one of the most visited websites in Europe and the USA. The same goes for the mobile app that this team created to make it easier to create a trading account. In 2020, the London-based The European awarded the exchange the title of the best service.

With the StormGain app, people can send, store and receive cryptocurrencies in the account. Using leverage with a minimum of x5, they can instantly buy tokens at the market price. Moreover, newbies who have created the StormGain account for the first time can hope for a welcome bonus and trade without a deposit.

Trading Functions & Account Features

Successful trading in stocks and other assets involves using the right tools to constantly monitor market fluctuations. StormGain offers additional features that people won't find on other platforms anymore. This project is based on the crypto derivatives which are provided by depositing USDT to the client's account. You can access your account through the website or through the mobile app. The main benefits of the StormGain crypto trading platform:

  1. With a demo account on the StormGain trading service, beginners can use it for learning and practice.
  2. Most transactions in the StormGain account are processed within 2-3 minutes, no matter how you create the order — in the trading app or via a website account.
  3. The StormGain app runs on all devices.
  4. Using the built-in bar, traders can monitor a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs with the mobile app or web account.
  5. On the StormGain trading and sale account, people can create 6 crypto profiles.
  6. A loyalty program for all users and the best leverage.
  7. It is allowed to passively generate Bitcoins using free StormGain mobile mining tools.
  8. It is allowed to store funds in e-wallets to avoid the risk of hacking accounts.

The StormGain minimum trade transaction size is $10. Users can mine up to $1,000 worth of funds. High leverage can be frustrating for inexperienced traders who create a new account, they have to come up with strong strategies that help them stay solvent. Although if you activate the StormGain bonus, the first experience should be easy.

Key Advanced of the StormGain Account

The main benefit of the StormGain account and crypto app is the ability to guide newbies with useful buttons providing people with comfortable trading. The interface is available in 10 languages which other developers of mobile products do not offer. In the StormGain account, you can choose one of the options, depending on which one you are fluent in. The StormGain is powered by cutting-edge software that ensures smooth and convenient trading.

Create the StormGain Account and Trade With the Best Indicators

Trading on the StormGain crypto resource is specific. This exchange’s owners deliver a lot of functions for an account. By creating a platform with some amazing unique features, developers find a balance between simplicity and the traders' requests. One of them is a daily newsletter.

With the StormGain account, people can activate tips which are displayed as indicators on the platform's dashboard. Such signals are 70% accurate. Even a non-professional trader or a beginner can make the right decision with this crypto mobile app that is based on the best analysis and informs people of the profit opportunity. In this regard, the StormGain account has no equal.

Create Account — Verification Process with a Personal Number

StormGain is a project that is mainly focused on BTC, XRP, Eth, Tether, and Litecoin. But you can get a trading experience only after you create an account with a mobile app. Some exchanges have a difficult-to-use interface — it may require long hours of watching videos. With StormGain trading tolls, people don't have any of those worries. To create an account, simply follow the algorithm:

  1. Click on the button “StormGain create an account” on the main page of the site.
  2. Create a login and password for the account.
  3. Use the StormGain form to fill in personal details including phone numbers.
  4. Complete verification by getting a one-time code and entering it in the mobile app or the StormGain account on the website.
  5. Log out of your account and sign in to trade and create e-wallets.

Sign in to the StormGain Account and Create e-Wallets

Most enthusiasts can easily create e-wallets and open an account, StormGain offers low fees for trading and withdrawal of funds through a mobile app. Depending on the coins people choose, their charges will be between 0.15% and 0.5% per position. This is definitely much more profitable than the terms offered by other trading resources with the ability to withdraw funds through a mobile app.

The StormGain platform panel has over 40 indicators. After you create an account, you will see the dashboard that contains an accurate rating list based on the fluctuation of asset values which allows people to make an informed choice of a particular coin before starting a trade through the account. Developers use advanced charting tools to track the price within 9 different time frames in the StormGain mobile app and create profitable offers for contractors.

Using a Virtual Number for Account Verification — Guide

One way to identify the right platform is to enable the demo account. The owners of this website encourage potential traders, mostly beginners, by offering the StormGain sign-up bonus. If you want to activate a free service while keeping your privacy with a new account, just use the Online SIM phone numbers. The registration procedure, in this case, looks like this:

  1. Create an account on the StormGain website or through a mobile trading app.
  2. Create an account on the Online Sim website and activate a virtual phone number.
  3. Completion of the StormGain verification procedure. Just copy the text that will be sent to your Online Sim account. Paste this into the form on the StormGain website or in the trading app. Click on the button Complete the account verification.

Create the StormGain Account and Trade Without Routine

As befits the best trading platforms and mobile app, StormGain provides beginners who create the StormGain account with the necessary guidance to ensure they have a good experience. Such benefits are confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews.

This company provides users with a demo account with up to $50,000 in virtual coins to take practice before trading. Having the opportunity to create additional virtual numbers for the StormGain trading website, novice traders significantly increase their chances of getting a positive experience with a demo account.