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Dream11. Get an account with a virtual number help | Onlinesim

  • Dec 12, 2022, 1:31 PM
  • 5 minutes

One of India's top and most used sports fantasy apps is the Dream11 online app, which is also one of the finest. Because the Dream11 website is the official fantasy partner of several event organizers, like the BCCI, NBA, Kabaddi, IPL, and many more, you can use it to play fantasy games related to the sports you are interested in.

Users may play fantasy basketball, football, hockey, and cricket on the renowned fantasy sports website Dream11, which is situated in India. An app provides all Dream11 advice and strategies for creating the ideal Dream11 website squad. Bhavin Sheth and Harsh Jain launched it in 2008. They introduced free fantasy sports to India in 2012 for the nation's cricket fans.

Dream11 is a well-liked fantasy sports app. Sports fans can test out any player combination for their outstanding Dream11 team, but they can also enter them in competitions and earn cash just for having talent. The app is free, even though you must follow legal procedures to withdraw money.

Functions and features of the app

Using the free fantasy sports tool Dream11 app, you may build virtual Dream11 USA teams for various real-world sports. The Indian app, developed by the same company FanCode, allows users to assemble their dream squad and engage in friendly competition in tournaments designed by their other fans.

By participating in the official competition categories, the Dream11 app allows you to compete for prizes against other users and your teams. It is vital to play responsibly, as this Dream11 game does involve a level of financial risk. Among the main Dream11 app advantages:

  • Easy to use.
  • Daily ratings in the Dream11 app.
  • It allows you to win money.
  • A Dream11 app includes nine popular sports.

An internet game called Fantasy Sports in the Dream11 app allows you to put together fictional or virtual teams out of actual professional athletes. These virtual Dream11 teams fight using the player data from actual games, a feature included in the Dream11 app game to increase realism. You may hire, trade, and release players from your squad with it.

The most significant benefit of Dream11 is that you can predict games' outcomes before they occur between teams. Being a sports simulator, the Dream11 app also enables you to check whether your choices will pay off financially in the game's various competitions. Both free and paid competitions are available, but you must be at least 18 and pay.

Account verification using a virtual number

There are some Dream11 tips for how to log in to an account. Before anything else, you must either visit this website or download the Dream11 app. It is simple to get from the App Store if you have an iPhone. However, you must go to the official Dream11 website and download the Dream11 app if you have an Android phone. Two alternatives are available to you when the Dream11 app has been downloaded and installed on your smartphone.

There are two ways to Dream11 log in: directly and through a referral code. If you enter straight, there is one drawback: You will not receive any money and must upload money to begin the game.

You must provide your phone number and email address to login. To obtain a confirmation code for account verification and login, it is crucial to provide your phone number. For situations when you only want to visit a particular website once and get a single SMS message, virtual phone numbers with free SMS reception are appropriate. One of the use cases, for instance, is quick login for specific websites unrelated to keeping your financial information and personal data. Many individuals use free virtual phones for SMS at once. Thus, private information should be excluded from SMS. With OnlineSim, registering and creating a login for a Dream 11 account is easy. All you need is to register on the platform and purchase the selected virtual number.

Provider OnlineSim - Database of numbers and instructions for buying

You may open an account in any nation with a virtual SMS number provided by the OnlineSim. Foreign SIM cards don't have to be purchased. Your private information will also be entirely protected. An account may be made from any location. A reliable Internet connection is all you require. You may purchase a virtual number from the business for a very affordable fee.

The signup process is simple and won't take much of your time. You must complete the following steps to establish an account without providing a phone number:

  • Create an account on the signup page of OnlineSim.
  • Login to your account and use the easy tab to add money to the balance.
  • Go to the home page when the money has been credited, select the chosen nation and the Dream11 USA service, and then click the Purchase button.
  • To get a verification code, enter the received number into the registration form on the preferred platform and press the Receive Dream11 SMS button.
  • To finish registration, enter the verification code.

By following these easy steps, you can now register a Dream11 account without a personal sms phone number. Using numbers may be done for various reasons, such as not wanting to use your private number or to get more views, ratings, clicks, etc.

With OnlineSim, you can get a number to the database with more than 10 thousand numbers from 30 countries. The base is updated daily, so you will receive only the best numbers that can be effectively used at different prices. OnlineSim has taken care of your privacy so that the service can be trusted.