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Flipkart registry. Use a virtual number to gain access | Onlinesim

  • Mar 24, 2023, 4:13 PM
  • 4 minutes

Flipkart is an Indian online retailer. The company was launched a long time ago, in 2007, by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Flipkart began as an online bookstore but has now evolved to cover many products. It offers electronics, storage, home appliances, furniture, and food. Keep reading to learn more about this service and registration.

Flipkart's Online Shopping Services. Peculiarities Of The Platform

Flipkart is one of India's largest e-commerce enterprises. Many people in India have changed the way people purchase, thanks to the platform's services. Flipkart offers account holders an easy-to-use website and mobile app that allows users to explore and purchase things online.

Flipkart asks users to create an account. Once you become an account holder, you can start purchasing various goods. Account owners can use their mobile phones or computers to access various goods. Most account holders in India prefer using their mobile phones for convenience purposes.

Overall, Flipkart hooks up a buyer and a seller of goods. Users can choose from a variety of sellers. Thus, the platform is beneficial for business owners since they use it as a marketplace. Users benefit from this platform because they get access to a huge range of items. Users must create accounts to start using the platform's services.

Flipkart's Features

Flipkart offers a variety of features to account owners. They may use a mobile app or a desktop version to get access to a variety of features. These features include:

  • A modern UI design. The website and mobile app provide an easy-to-use design that allows users to explore and purchase things online. The search bar and convenient filters allow account owners to find necessary items.
  • Safe payments. The service accepts credit/debit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery as safe payment methods. Its digital wallet, PhonePe, also allows clients to make payments quickly and easily.
  • A wide range of products. The platform sells items in various categories, including electronics, apparel, home appliances, furniture, and food.
  • A marketplace for sellers. The platform also offers a marketplace where small and mid-sized enterprises may sell their items online. Thus, you may become a business account owner to start selling goods on the site.
  • Discounts, sales, and exclusive deals. Flipkart offers discounts and gift codes on its items. This makes it a cost-effective platform for account owners. It also offers a loyalty program called Flipkart+, which rewards users with perks like free delivery and early access to discounts.
  • Advanced customer service. The site offers specialized customer support to account owners. It can assist account owners with their questions and issues. Account owners can contact the support service by phone, email, or live chat.

Overall, people prefer this service because of its convenience and access to many goods. Instead of buying items available for you in your region, you can purchase items for a better price and order delivery. Moreover, loyalty programs and amazing gift codes make it even more enjoyable to use the platform.

Flipkart Sign-Up Process Peculiarities

One must create an account to start using this platform. The process requires adding a mobile phone number. Many don't want to create an account using a mobile phone. Instead, they may create an account by using a virtual mobile phone number.

The virtual mobile sim works like a regular one. However, to create a profile, you get a code in the inbox of the service you use for a virtual number. OnlineSim is one of the most affordable options for creating a Flipkart account.

Use A Virtual Number To Pass Flipkart Verification. A Step-By-Step Guide

First, you must create an account on OnlineSim. Here's how to do it:

  • Create an OnlineSim profile. Log in by using one of the available social media.
  • Select a mobile number from the available range.
  • Pay for the number. OnlineSim offers two price plans.

That's how you get a mobile number. Now, let's create a Flipkart profile:

  • Copy the number and enter it into the corresponding Flipkart field when you create a profile.
  • Receive the verification code in your OnlineSim mailbox.
  • Paste it in the corresponding field.

That's it. Now you can start buying goods and items for discounts.