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Get access to TheFork via virtual number. Step by step registration | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 2:12 PM
  • 5 minutes

Access TheFork with a virtual number. Step-by-step registration

How often do you find that you don't know which restaurant to visit while traveling? A considerable number of restaurants beckon with their signs. And there is a desire to go to every institution. Unfortunately, there is not always time and money for this. Travelers regularly use TripAdvisor to reserve a restaurant. But there is also a better option.

There is a unique app for those who want to appreciate another country's cuisine and not waste time looking for a suitable restaurant. TheFork is a service that collects all the places where you can eat deliciously. The list of dishes, features of work, reservation rules, and reviews of other visitors will help you make the right decision. Let's understand all the intricacies of the TheFork app and how to use it.

Features of TheFork service. List of functions.

TheFork is an app that has almost all the restaurants in Europe. With it, you can find a place with a delicious menu in just a couple of minutes. But this is not the main advantage of TheFork. In the app, you can find discounts up to 50% on restaurant menus. Thus, there is an excellent opportunity to try the local cuisine at a fantastic price.

With the TheFork app, you can:

  • view restaurant offers;
  • find out the actual level of service;
  • check free time for reservation;
  • save money on delicious food.

Unlike TripAdvisor, the app offers users great discounts for reservation of cafés or restaurants. During the search, you can specify the desired percentage, and the system will select suitable offers.

To see all the offers in the desired region, enter it. You can also set the selected dishes, restaurant team, discount level, and conditions for reservation. The TheFork app will show all available offers.

When booking, you should carefully read the conditions. Not all restaurants offer discounts on food. Sometimes, the offer may not include alcoholic beverages. But after spending a little time, you will find the right option with TheFork.

The application works in 22 European countries, with establishments in Australia and Latin America. So there is an analog of the Thefork TripAdvisor application. But it should be borne in mind that there are many fewer establishments in it and there is no big discount offer.

It is worth noting that the Thefork app gives points for reviews. You can make a reservation, visit the establishment and write your impression. After verification, the app will calculate points that can convert into a discount. It is an excellent option for all travelers. You make Thefork reservations and have a delicious lunch and dinner while paying half the price. After that, please write a review for which they give the Thefork coupon code. Perfect.

To go to an institution from the list of the TheFork app, it is not necessary to make a reservation. You look at the available time and indicate your name. Then just come to the restaurant and name yourself.

The only condition necessary to receive a discounted booking is registration in TheFork. There is an app for Android and IOS phones. You can also create a profile through a computer on the full version of TheFork. But users prefer mobile apps.

Passage of registration on the service TheFork. Subsequent verification.

To register with TheFork. The easiest way to do this is through the app. To create an account, you can use:

  • email;
  • Facebook profile;
  • Google account.

Then, you need to fill out a profile. It is a mandatory moment to confirm that you are a natural person. You must provide personal information and a phone number. An app will send a confirmation code to the specified number, which must be written in a particular field.

If you registered using email, you need to verify your address. The app will send an email with the specified details. It is necessary to perform the actions according to the specified instructions.

User confirmation is a must when using the TheFork app. Without verification, you will not get access to all reservations and offers from restaurants. Also, it will be impossible to accumulate points and receive Thefork special offers. Therefore, creating an account to make the trip as comfortable as possible and making a reservation in a catering establishment is better.

Using a personal number to register on TheFork is not always convenient. For example, you won't be able to verify your app account without roaming. Or it will be impossible to pass verification at all. In addition, there is always the possibility of database theft. At best, your number will receive spam messages and calls. In the worst case, the information will fall into the hands of scammers. But even in this situation, there is a way out. You can use a virtual card to register with TheFork.

Using a virtual number to gain access to the TheFork account. Instruction.

You can use a virtual number to create an account with the TheFork app. This way, you will access the list of restaurants without the risk of personal information.

You can get a virtual sim card as follows. Need:

  • go to a unique service;
  • choose the country of registration;
  • indicate that the number is needed for enrollment in the TheFork app;
  • choose numbers;
  • pay for the card.

So as soon as the number is assigned to the user, you can start registering with TheFork. Everything else is standard. Just go to the app, enter the number and confirm the code.

Using a virtual number allows you to save some money. Virtual cards are much cheaper than physical media. Plus, the procedure itself takes much less time.

Using a virtual number allows you to remain anonymous. You do not need to leave passport data or other information when issuing a card. If you want to keep your journey private and still have delicious food, this is the perfect option to sign up with the TheFork app. In addition, the virtual card cannot be lost. If you need to restore your account in TheFork, it will be enough to indicate and confirm the number.