Nov 15, 2021

Get access to Truecaller via virtual number | Onlinesim

Intrusive advertising, tons of spam, cold calls, and other forms of phone scams are so common these days that lots of people even refuse to pick up the phone when they see an unknown number on the screen.

Recently a missing hiker in Colorado decided not to return the call; having received calls and messages from rescue teams, he later explained why he had decided not to do it. He saw an unknown number on the phone. And because of that incident, Colorado rescuers had to ask people to answer their phones when they got stranded in the wild.

The Truecaller mobile app: user identification and the app features

However, when you have the Truecaller mobile app installed, the unknown numbers won't be much of a problem for you. In this article, we'll tell you about the Truecaller app and what it is all about.

Why do callers need Truecaller?

The mobile service app works as an improved phone book. This is a global one containing data about contacts from all over the globe. In this way, people can automatically determine who's actually calling and see the titles of the particular number from the phone book.

The installation process is a brainer:

  • You need to go to Play Market and download the app
  • The contacts from the user's phone book could be moved to the Truecaller storage immediately;
  • If you find a matched user, the rating of the user will be increased.

After you've gotten the hang of its working mode, it'll be easier for you to use it. Here is the tip: the blue contact card should mean it is safe. Red cards are frequently flag scammers. In this case, you don't need to pick up the phone in any way.

After getting to know how this app works and signing up, many users chose not to show their actual numbers.

For those people who don't know how to use the Truecaller app and whether they need it in the first place, you can get familiar with the handy feature that is called call recording. There are automatic and manual modes of working.

When using this feature, all the conversations will be recorded automatically and stored on Google Drive. You can disable this feature if you need it and then store recordings on the smartphone. If you've gotten familiar with the Truecaller app, you'll already know about the operational mode of the app. You'll just need to click on the recording feature to use it.

Setting up your status on the Truecaller mobile app

The caller status is another handy option of this app. In case a particular subscriber is available for calling, you'll see a green dot near the contact; in case he's already talking, you'll see a red dot.


After hanging up, the user will automatically get a message notifying a person to call.

After discovering how the Truecaller app works, you'd better learn about its other options, like adding additional info to your personal profile, not allowing unsolicited users to call you, or finding your number. The Truecaller mobile app is synced with some other apps, for instance, WhatsApp allowing such options as video calling.

TrueCaller registration and versions available

Truecaller online has over 150 million installs and is regarded as one of the best mobile apps that allow users to find out the identity of people calling you. You can download this app for random phone numbers on Apple devices or Android ones. Besides determining the caller ID, it could help to block some numbers with specific features for this purpose or flag a spam user. In addition to that, there are features like payments, sending messages, and calls.

To sign up, you have to type in and verify your personal phone number afterward. This app over the mobile internet will automatically determine whether the user calling you is a con or not and tell you the information about this caller.

Premium/Gold Versions

Truecaller has more users of the free version; however, paid ones have access to its premium features and various tools. A lot of people have a paid membership and paid subscription they buy every month or year. Paid membership has various advantages available.

Incognito Mode Option

It's a sort of an option available on the Google Chrome browser, and such an option is also available on the Truecaller app.

This model makes it possible for premium users to browse other people's profiles without being seen. So, with the premium version, you can quickly check someone else's profile data without being recognized. And they won't find out about it.

Who checked on your feature?

There's another helpful feature that paid users of this app can get. It makes it possible to find other users who were checking on your profile and visited it. It makes it possible to find out who was doing it and whether it is essential or dangerous for you. The Truecaller app sends you notifications at the exact time the other person visits your profile. Although, there's also an option to turn that off in the settings menu if needed.

Free off ads

Ads that you don't want to see are among the most annoying things on Earth, especially pop-up ad formats. Ads can break the day of anyone, making them lose their temper, and most often when the ads interrupt some important activity of users.

Some digital companies are trying to invent non-intrusive ads or altogether refuse to use them. Another option is to get rid of the ads is to buy a paid membership version of the app. Truecaller's premium users don't see any ads. Unsolicited advertising will no longer bother you again after purchasing the premium version of the app.

Making More Contacts

The Truecaller web and mobile app allow you to make friends. Again, its paid version will enable you to request contacts. However, the number of contact requests is limited to 30. You can ask for contact details, namely a phone number. And maybe, one day, you will find your soulmate through this app.

Make it possible for others to find your profile

Truecaller number search online is the search query people often type on Google. The Truecaller SMS app has a specific feature to make your account easily discoverable for other people or to hide it from others instead. It's all in the premium version.

Users of the paid version can make their app much more discoverable for others so that the other users can quickly contact you. Or you can hide your profile from others instead; it is totally up to you.


If you use a paid version, Truecaller phone numbers will give you the badge placed on the caller's information and displayed when people call you or check the info on your profile. In this way, your profile will look more respectable.

Blocking features

The paid app of Truecaller gives its users advanced blocking options. Among other options, you get a tool that automatically updates the list of the known spammers so you can stop them altogether.

Golden status

What's more, the paid version also blocks telemarketers from India, and you won't have to spend your precious time on them anymore. The gold version of the app opens all hidden features. With this version, you can get access to the attractive ID of the online phone caller that is covered in gold color.

This coloring appears when some people call you, or otherwise, you call them. When some visitor checks on your profile, it'll also be painted in gold. So, in essence, you become a golden subscriber of the Truecaller SMS app.

If you use a gold version, you'll be on the high priority list of this service. If you have any questions or face any difficulties after sending a request, you'll be getting an answer much quicker than other people. The representatives of the Truecaller SMS app will regard you as a senior customer so that the individual will be available for you.

Virtual phone number as an alternative to sharing your personal details with others

However, when using this service, you'll have to provide your phone number. And it's not a safe option to choose because online companies often share the personal details from their user base with advertising companies.

To protect your privacy, you can choose some services that offer virtual phone numbers to use instead of your real phone numbers.

OnlineSIM service is a way out

A virtual phone number is a sort of a middle-man between you and the online service you need. The virtual numbers of OnlineSIM offer an opportunity to forget about using personal numbers and keep your privacy unscathed. That's a pretty practical option.

OnlineSIM offers real phone numbers from actual mobile carriers from any country around the globe.

  1. If you need to create an account on Truecaller, go to the OnlineSIM website and select this service from the given list of available services.
  2. After that, copy the phone number that is displayed to the registration page on Truecaller.
  3. After doing so, you'll see a confirmation code in your account on the OnlineSIM site.
  4. That's your verification; use it to register on the service.

OnlineSIM allows its users to register without using their phone numbers and sharing them with others. You can use it to privately register on any website or the mobile app:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Telegram, etc.

No matter what service you choose to use, you can always get confirmed as a user with a bit of help from OnlineSIM. There Are several options of virtual phone rent available, a short-run and long-run number rent. The former gives you access to a limited number of sites, and the latter allows you to get registered on an unlimited number of websites or services.