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Aug 10 12:44:20, 2021

Gett Service. Register with Ease Using Virtual Numbers | Onlinesim.io

Privacy is a precious thing in our world nowadays. Each program, website or application requests certain data about you during registration and you never know how this data will be used afterwards.

A phone directory that you have to share while signing up is an easy method to find out who you are. If the data that is accessible via a person’s number gets into unworthy hands, the person will deal with lots of troubles.

Obviously, a mobile connection was created so that you shared your directory with others. However, in today's world this might be not the best idea. The smart way out of the issue is obtaining several or at least two directories. One of them should be used for personal cases and the other one should be used for sign ups or business work.

Do you think that keeping several smartphones and various SIM-cards is not an attractive idea? You are completely right. This is not comfortable, especially if you need different numbs for business aims.

Mankind is lazy and this is why it always invents something. It has invited the Internet, smartphones and virtual directories among other useful things. A virtual directory works similarly to the real directories. It is only that it works via the World Wide Web and that you do not need any physical SIM-card to be inserted in your smartphone. It is possible to make and receive calls and messages via such directories.

You need to:

  • register on the website of the virtual directory company that you trust;
  • put a certain amount of money sufficient for your needs on your balance;
  • choose the needed location around our globe and buy the virtual directory.

This is not a secret that there are multiple free online SIM card providers out there. However, be very careful if you decide to use them.

The issue is that free providers do not receive profit and, thus, they cannot afford buying quality hardware and software. This ends in poor quality work of their virtual directories, for example, it takes forever to receive a message or it is not delivered at all.

Going with a reputable company is half the battle. Choosing a reliable provider always pay attention at:

  • the level of its security;
  • the data it asks during sign up;
  • the availability of directories from various parts of the world;
  • the quantity of virtual directories;
  • the type of the directories (for example, temporary numbs and long-term numbs for rent);
  • the message delivery time;
  • the free trial option.

Having tried the service for free you will understand if it is suitable for your needs.

Since time and comfort are other precious things people often get picked up by taxies. Gett is a special application that was developed for people who drive and ride taxis. This article will tell you about the advantages you can receive while using Gett application with a virtual directory and why a separate Gett phone number is a convenient thing.

Gett Service and its Peculiarities

If you have heard of Uber, you have probably heard of Gett. These are special applications that deal with taxi service. Uber is popular in 70 states around the globe today. You probably can ride or drive an Uber taxi in your area. Gett is a similar application for passengers and drivers. It is the best on-demand transportation solution for the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and Israel.

Gett was launched 11 years ago in Israel and was called GetTaxi then. It is an international on-demand rideshare service. Gett is available on both iOS and Android. It appeared only one year after Uber and predated Lyft. The application in discussion is a taxi-hailing application. It was designed to connect riders with professional taxi drivers on demand. You can easily access cashless rides only by stating your pick-up and drop-off places.

If to speak of the advantages of Gett, it is also possible to choose a vehicle that:

  • does not bring harm to environment;
  • is XL;
  • is a basic car for four seats;
  • wheelchair accessible.

When the application expanded it dropped the “Taxi” from its name.

It is possible to use the Gett application in more than 100 cities across the US, the United Kingdom, Israel and Russia. In some countries even Gett deliveries are available. Back in 2016 Gett acquired Juno, a rideshare company for the United States.

The regulations for such types of companies set certain requirements and limits. Thus, Gett is obliged to accept vehicle drivers with professional licenses.

The prices differ from city to city. For example, in the United Kingdom the taxi meter fare is set by the city but in Russia journeys to certain cities are charged by time or distance. There are flat fares too.

Speaking of the time-based charges, they begin 2 minutes after your cab arrives. If there are any cancelations, the fees will apply. Also, if you go with Gett’s Carbon Offset Program, you will be charged with a small extra per-mile fee. For London it consists of 20 pence and 0,007 cents in New York City.

In case you demand a vehicle right now, Gett application will specify the estimated time it will take for the car to come. This time depends on the quantity of taxis around your area. After you sign up an order Gett starts searching drivers near you that want the hail. You will know the driver’s name, see his picture and his rating formed on the opinion of other Gett clients. You will see an animation of the driver’s way to you on the application’s map.

If you decide to order a taxi in advance in your Gett account, you should not think of the availability. The driver will send you an SMS to your Gett contact number once he is driving to your location.

Gett will tell you that your driver has arrived and the taxi’s meter will begin running in two minutes. The meter is placed next to the driver so that it is clearly visible. In such a way you can comfortably see what the final fee will be throughout your trip.

Gett application allows tipping their workers. If you are pleased with everything, you can even choose a permanent “AutoTip” option in the Gett app. There are %5, 10% and 12% options.

Having reached your drop-off location you will receive your check to your e-mail. Right then you can also leave your feedback and rate the driver.

Gett application also has a loyalty program. Depending on how often you use Gett service you will be called a:

  • Newbie;
  • Fan;
  • Smooth Sailor;
  • Pro;
  • Baller;
  • Top Rider.

Having signed up and used Gett you will receive certain privileges.

The most widespread concern about Gett (as well as about the similar rideshare companies) is about safety. Probably this concern has appeared because of Uber. Drivers at Uber sign in with phone numbers, but they are not regulated as strictly as Black Cab drivers.

Some people are set suspiciously while getting into a car with a stranger and this can be understood. However, if you feel safe being monitored and regulated by TfL Black Cab drivers, there should be no suspicions with Gett drivers. It is definitely safer to sign up for a Gett taxi than to hop into a vehicle on the street. Gett allows you to see the driver’s rating, name and picture beforehand in his mydriver account. It saves a record of your trip.

If any issues arise during your trip with Gett (any problems with the driver, payments etc.) you can bravely turn to Gett in their chat within the application.

Gett Registration Step by Step

Signing up for Gett is quick and simple. The application is user-friendly and intuitive, especially if you have already used any rideshare apps. Let’s discuss signing up for Gett as both a rider and a driver.

As a Rider


Download Gett.

Step 2

Enter your virtual phone directory.

Step 3

Receive the SMS taxi authentication code in your virtual directory accommodation account and copy it into the corresponding Gett’s field.

Step 4

Enter your e-mail and press “Next”.


After registration it is possible to add your profile photo (recommended) and a payment method that is convenient to you.

As a Driver

First of all you need to have a taxi cab. It must meet the requirements of your city.

Secondly, you must have a bank account. You will get payments to this account.

Thirdly, it is necessary to fill in the sign-up form that corresponds to your geo-location.

Fourthly, after all the data has been reviewed by Gett, the company’s representative will contact you with further steps or for a welcome session.

OnlineSIM as a Solution for Regional Restrictions

OnlineSIM is a virtual phone numbers provider. This company became as popular as such mastodons of virtual telephony as Oxylabs and Luminati because of its trustworthiness, quality and loyal pricing.

This accommodation owns more than 10,000 online SIMs which do not fail. It boasts a large quantity of countries (more than 30) its directories are from. With OnlineSIM it is possible to aim not only up to the country, but even up to the city, which is extremely important for taxi business and Gett application (as well as Uber and similar ones).

The verification messages are delivered to OnlineSIM’s numbs at a rate of knots. You will not get frustrated waiting. It is a user-friendly service, the sign-up will take several easy steps only.

OnlineSIM offers short-term directories and long-term directories (directories for rent). The first type offers receiving SMS from one website or app and costs $0,02 per website or app. The rent time lasts 40 minutes. Please mention that it will not be possible to renew such a number. However, this is possible if you go with the second type (numbs for rent).

Rentable directories are meant for getting messages from any website or app. The rent time is unlimited and starts from 1 day. The prices start from $10 per day.

Besides virtual directories, OnlineSIM also offers residential proxies. Its proxies are suitable for many aims, but since they are residential (meaning it is possible to choose the country you are currently at), they are perfect for bypassing various regional restrictions.

Regional restrictions restricted geo-locations mean that certain content is blocked in certain areas. Bypassing geo-restrictions is simple with proxies that can change your geo-location and the website or app will not restrict any content from you.

For example, if you are a Gett driver and thinking of changing the location you are driving in, you can change your region with the help of OnlineSIM proxies. In such a way you will be able to see the passenger’s demands in the other location and decide if it is worth driving there.

The other case is when you are travelling abroad. Since the Internet is possible to use almost anywhere nowadays, it is not obligatory to buy a local SIM. However, you will need a local directory to sign up on Gett. So, you can buy a virtual directory with the code of the country you are currently in and use it for Gett. In such a way you will be able not only to command Gett services, but also render Gett services.

In all kinds of ways OlineSIM virtual directories are useful for any sign up including Gett taxi application. Do not hesitate that your privacy and comfort will be set in the first place with OnlineSIM’s virtual phone numbers. Gett and OnlineSIM work great together!