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Gogo: registration on the service without a phone number | Onlinesim

  • Mar 15, 2023, 3:57 PM
  • 3 minutes

Gogo: registration on the service without a phone number

Gogo provides broadband Wi-Fi services for in-flight use. Gogo service provider make offers to more than 20 airlines, installing Gogo airline internet on thousands of planes. Gogo's onboard network gives travelers access to the Internet to seamlessly send messages, and emails, browse the Web and do anything else they can do with the Internet.

Let's understand how to create a Gogo inflight account and why it's better to use a virtual phone number when signing up.

Gogo service features

Who provides Gogo inflight? The Gogo network has significantly improved in recent years, allowing the service to work on commercial planes. Thanks to Gogo's new satellite system, Wi-Fi speeds show their best side. Since Gogo data provider is providing a new product, the 2Ku satellite system, passengers are getting 20 times more bandwidth when compared to ATG. The Gogo 2Ku satellite Wi-Fi network has improved significantly to cover most of our planet.

Business travelers want Internet access as a must on every flight. For airlines, Gogo allows the purchase of hourly and daily passes with pre-flight plans. Four of Gogo's partner airlines partner with companies like Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines.

Create a Gogo Profile

Sign up for a Gogo account is easy:

  1. Go to the official website or app to access Gogo online internet.
  2. Click on the Sign In button at the top of the screen (gogoinflight sign in). You can change the language if the site does not display in your preferred language.
  3. The following screen will appear before the user enters their information. After filling in the data, click Next.
  4. On the next page, fill in the remaining required information, such as your cell phone number. After that, click Register Account and complete the process. Make a Gogo login.

It should be added that to verify the Gogo account, a user can use a virtual phone number instead of their actual phone number. This step will help protect you from fraudsters, and the virtual number has the same features as the standard number.

Using a Virtual Number from OnlineSim

You must provide your phone number and email address when registering with Gogo. This is necessary for your contact number to be verified. The most convenient way is to use virtual directories such as OnlineSim.

Gogo verification process with a virtual number:

  1. Register your OnlineSim account and go to the payments section. You will see the proposed ways to refill SMS, from which you have to choose the most convenient.
  2. Choose a virtual number and country on the main page, then find and choose the Gogo app.
  3. You have to enter the number you bought at OnlineSim and send an SMS notification to it. In your OnlineSim account, you will see a message with a verification code. Please copy and paste it into the appropriate field on the Gogo site.