Nov 13, 2020

How Can You Receive SMS Online in Philippines? |

People got used not to leave hold of their smartphones. However, the world changes and the World Wide Web made it possible to make calls and receive messages without a mobile phone or a SIM-card.

Both small and large companies on Philippines benefit from this kind of service. Usually companies need multiple social media accounts representing their business. The system is tuned to block accounts if it sees any suspicious activities. For example, it is not possible to register several accounts from one Philippine number. Buying a new SIM-card and switching it in your smartphone each time is also not a solution.

That is why using virtual services is helpful for businesses. You need only to have Internet access on Philippines, to be signed up to a corresponding service and to have money on your balance. It is possible to use such a service from any part of the world.

You can choose any private virtual phone number. Philippines are no exception. Everyone can use this accommodation as an SMS receiver service.

How to Receive Verification SMS for Philippines Region

A virtual number for Philippines works similarly to the usual SIM-card, but online. It is kind of an intermediary between the user and social networks or Web-sites.

You need to choose the Philippine (or international) network or site you are going to use, type in or copy the virtual number and get the verification SMS. This kind of directories is cheap and you can choose a one-time directory or a number for rent.

Let’s take a look on a step-by-step instruction on how to receive virtual sms verification for Philippines.

Step 1

Be connected. You need to have access to the World Wide Web on Philippines. Make sure you use a safe and secure virtual number provider in order not to worry about your personal data. There are free services and paid ones. Usually free accommodations work with certain glitches, even if your Internet connection is fast. Besides, they do not guarantee full safety.

Step 2

Sing in. It is necessary to register on the online directory service. There are plenty of accommodations for Philippines in this field. Having entered your login and password details you are an official user.

Step 3

Money, money, money. It is better to make sure that you have replenished your balance on this step. The prices are not high, so do not worry about spending much. However, you can also refill your account later. There are free accommodations that allow sending and receiving a free SMS to Philippines too.

Step 4

Make a choice. Now it is high time to choose a phone number. The numbers are available in the ‘Receive SMS’ section. You will find a whole list of directories there. The good news is that you can use as many numbers as you want to.

Step 5

Choose one more time. Next, you need to choose the network or Web-site you are going to use with this number. You will find all the available services right below the aforementioned section. The variety of sites and countries will pleasantly surprise you. You will find whatever you need on Philippines.

Step 6

Become a user. Then, it is needed to register on the desired social media or a site. Besides any other possibly requested data, you need to enter your mobile number. Simply copy the directory you have just bought into the corresponding field. Now wait.

Step 7

Receive verification code. It will take about a few minutes to receive SMS online. Philippines are no exception. You will find the SMS in your account.

Step 8

Copy it. Next, you have to copy the code to the site and press the “Finish registration” button.

Step 9

There is no any ‘step 9’! However, you can repeat the procedure as many times as you need in order to create as many accounts in Philippines as you want. You will be a frequent online SMS receiver. Philippines are not an exclusion to use virtual phone numbers among all the other available countries.

As you see, this step-by-step instruction is very detailed, but in reality everything is easy-peasy.

By the way, using a virtual number service, you can not only receive, but also send SMS to Philippines. This is safe and convenient if you, for example, want to manage your workers separately from your personal number. Also, you can contact your buyers for the feedback or mailout with the help of online phone number service.

Try the comfort of using virtual directories on Philippines. Free SMS service is also available as a trial. You can check out all the opportunities on the site. Be sure that your personal information will stay undivulged. Use as many social network services as needed without getting blocked. Get verification SMS quickly and forget about changing SIMs in your phone.

All the numbers are given only to one user. Nobody else can use your Internet Philippine phone number. The whole process is automated and quick. There is no any unnecessary friction. In case any question occur, it is always possible to contact the customer support service which is available around the clock.