Dec 13, 2020

How to Create Account PoF with Virtual Phone? |

PlentyofFish is a Canadian dating Web-site. It is popular in many countries, such as Canada, the USA, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Spain and others. PoF was fundamented by Markus Frind back in 2004. It is available in nine languages. This Web-site raises revenue through premium memberships and advertising.

You should consider this platform for your business in case your auditory belongs to the aforementioned countries. However, just as many other platforms, PoF needs your phone number during registration to verify that a real person wants to use it. Plenty of fish security code is necessary for:

  • cheating prevention on the PoF platform;
  • deterring people who want to cover their activities from their spouses;
  • damage of other people’s experience prevention;
  • spammers.

If you want to separate your business and personal life, you should turn to online sim service. They offer account creation without a physical SIM. There will be no need to buy multiple SIM-cards and endlessly change them in your smartphone.

Such accommodations can be free and paid. On one hand, free services can sometimes be used for individual needs and most likely for a one-time usage. This is because there are many faults within their work. Usually free services have a small choice of phone numbers, so if you need multiple PoF fake accounts, it is better to go with the paid services. Besides, virtual phone directories of free services often fail to deliver the verification messages.

On the other hand, paid services offer a higher level of safety. They work with various mobile operators from different countries and are able to offer a vast variety of phone numbers. Some companies offer numbers for rent. For example, if your e-mail address is lost for some reason, you can re-access PlentyofFish with the help of a rentable phone number.

With all that said, it is necessary to mention that most popular platforms are already aware of virtual phone numbers. They have developed special algorithms to detect and blacklist them.

In order to choose a virtual phone number service for PoF account creation it is crucial to take into consideration the next factors:

  • reliability of the company;
  • variety of countries;
  • availability of numbers;
  • response time;
  • protection level;
  • price policy.

Having chosen the right virtual phone number accommodation you will be able to make a PoF account without any serious efforts.

Creation of PoF Account and Verification via a Virtual Phone Number

Everyone can sign up, PoF is available to everyone. Firstly, of all you need to fix upon a virtual phone number accommodation. Secondly, you need to check if this company supports such a platform as PlentyofFish.

You may need PoF accounts for:

  • sale;
  • advertising;
  • monitoring;
  • commercial mailing/SMS;
  • etc.

If everything is set, you are ready to start PoF account creation with the help of an online phone number.Here is a step-by-step instruction to make your experience even easier.

Step 1

You need to have access to the World Wide Web.

Step 2

Register on the Web-site of the virtual phone number company you have chosen.

Step 3

Make sure your balance is replenished. The sum should depend on the value the chosen online SIM company offers.

Step 4

Now choose the virtual phone number for PoF verification. For example, OnlineSIM offers numbers from more than 30 countries. All the available numbers can be seen on your personal page.

Step 5

Order the chosen virtual phone number and select PoF icon.

Step 6

Go to PoF page.

Step 7

Press the ‘Register’ button in the upper right-hand-side corner or press on the corresponding link.

Step 8

Carefully get acquainted with the Pof’s terms and conditions and accept them.

Step 9

Enter your PoF account login in the corresponding field.

Step 10

Then enter a reliable password.

Step 11

Confirm your password below.

Step 12

After this enter your virtual phone number in the corresponding field. If you choose your country, the country code will appear automatically. You can simply copy and paste it from the virtual SIM’s company page, but do not enter ‘0’ before your phone number. Press ‘Receive SMS’.

Step 13

Receive a PoF phone verification SMS on your virtual SIM company’s page. You will receive the message quickly. It will contain a 6-digit number. Do not ever give this code to anyone! In case anything goes wrong you can always contact customer support which usually works around-the-clock.

Step 14

Copy and paste your PoF SMS verification into the corresponding field on the PoF’s page.

You may also need to pass the steps below to enter some additional information.

  1. Press on the drop-down menu called ‘Gender’ and select your gender.
  2. In the select list below choose your date of birth.
  3. Choose your home country in order to form a drop-down menu called ‘Country’.
  4. Choose your ethnic affiliation in the corresponding menu.

Done! Now you are ready to use your PlentyofFish page upon your aims. Even though this step-by-step instruction seems to be very detailed, in reality the registration process on PoF is easy. Also, it does not take much time to receive verification code online. You can create as many pages as necessary.

Sometimes PoF asks for your account verification by number each time when you log in their service. Normally they ask this because they received information that you are logging in from a new device. In case your browser does not save cookies, you will be asked to verify each time you want to access the site. If you are an Incognito Mode or Private Browsing user, you will also have to pass the verification each time.

Using a rentable virtual phone number should help you to resolve all these issues. For example, OnlineSim offers a rental period of 1 day, a week, 2 weeks or a month. It is also possible to extend the rental time and use several international numbs at once. You will pay for the service after the first phone message is received.

You should use your rentable phone number for the first time in 20 minutes after you received it. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled and your money will be returned. OnlineSIM offers a special timer so you could make it to get the verification number for account confirmation in time.


Choice of the best virtual SIM accommodation depends on you. Cooperating with a reliable virtual phone number service is a recipe for success with creation of PlentyofFish accounts. Even though social platforms have learned to recognize and blacklist different virtual SIM services, using a reliable paid option will not let you down.

Verification messages should be delivered quickly. A reputable virtual phone number company, such as OnlineSIM, will answer your questions and resolve any issues quickly. It is also possible to use a free trial option if you want to check the quality of the company yourself.