Sep 13, 2020

How to make a Tinder account? |

Tinder is a free, modern and secure solution for single people looking for a short-term romance partner or looking to build a long-term relationship. It doesn't matter if you're looking for adventure or romantic love. Sooner or later, you will start doing this online.

Social and sociological changes, a lack of time for social life, combined with high expectations from a potential partner, have contributed to the success of the easy-to-use dating app. Installing Tinder takes a few minutes, after which a lot of possibilities open up for the user.

Follow our tips and you can use a quick verification code to create a profile and use it to communicate with people.

How to create a Tinder account without a phone number?

There are several ways to create Tinder. They all involve confirmation of your identity. You can use a phone number or Facebook profile. Verification with a social network does not require a phone number, but you need to have a Facebook profile. You will also have to share photos and some personal information.

If you want to create a profile using a phone number, then there is an alternative to physical SIM cards. These are virtual phone number. They are great for Tinder profiles. The social network algorithms don't care how you verify your profile. The main thing is that it is a real phone number. You can count on the verification code to arrive very quickly and you can create your own profile.

What is the difference between regular and virtual phone numbers for Tinder?

A regular phone number implies the purchase of a SIM card for full use. This is expensive and irrational, because you only need to verify your Tinder profile. A virtual phone number for Tinder works on the same principle. This is physical equipment with phone SIM cards that is accessible remotely.

In fact, you use a virtual phone number for Tinder just like your regular SIM card. You just need to indicate the phone number on the site and get the SMS verification code. The plus is that it is cheaper and you do not need to manipulate the phone SIM cards.

If you need a lot of profiles, then you can save a lot of time and money when using virtual phone numbers. It's also good for anonymity as you can keep your main phone number private.

Step by step guide how to create Tinder account on our site

Our service provides a convenient procedure for registering a Tinder profile using virtual phone numbers. You just need to strictly follow the instructions in order to get a Tinder profile and communicate with people without restrictions. Let's get down to the steps you need to take to register Tinder. We will tell you how to get a verification code and not use your own sim card.

Sign in on our website

In order to select phone number for Tinder you need to create a profile on our website. You don't need a phone for this. Just enter your email address, username and password. This is the first necessary step towards registering your Tinder profile.

Top up your account

The next step to create a Tinder profile is to replenish your profile. You need to click the mouse on your balance of funds and select one of the means of payment to buy a phone number for Tinder. There are several ways to fund your profile on the site. You can choose any option and deposit amount.

Pick the Tinder phone number

Now let's get down to the fun part. On our site there are many phone numbers from different countries. You can choose UK phone numbers for Tinder, Chinese or American options. The phone number of countries has long exceeded the 20 mark and is constantly growing.

Choose website to make an account

After choosing a phone number, you need to pay attention to the section with websites and services. Select Tinder from the list manually or use keyword search. Hover your mouse over the Tinder icon and click on the "Buy a number". That's all. This number is now available for registration.

Download the app

Now you need to download the application and start the registration process. Fill in all the fields in the online form and go to the stage with the phone number. Now you need to copy and paste the phone number that you received on our website. Start the verification to receive the SMS code to this phone number.

Enter the verification code

The final step of registering Tinder is to insert a verification SMS code. Once you get it on your website you need to copy the SMS code and paste it into a special form. Now your tinder profile is verified and you can upload additional photos to search for acquaintances and interesting people on the Internet.

It is very convenient to receive a verification code on the site since you are not limited in the amount of data used and created profiles. In fact, such verification codes are an even safer way to create profiles than ordinary smartphones with sim cards.

Benefits of using a virtual phone number for Tinder

If you want to use the tinder anonymously, then a virtual number will come in handy. This is a good option for those who want to be protected from identity theft or just get acquainted with the functionality of a social network without constant use. Also, not everyone wants to use their own phone number to register with Tinder. The virtual phone number is much simpler and safer, which is an undoubted plus. Also, you do not need to buy an additional SIM card if you use our service.

Verification code on the site is the best solution for those who need bulk registration. You do not waste time reinstalling sim-cards and can get the maximum number of verification codes for hundreds or even thousands of profiles.

Is it safe to use virtual phone to verify Tinder?

Such a number is as secure as possible and is no different from ordinary sim cards. The only difference is that you do not need to use your smartphone for the verification process. All you need to do is select the necessary parameters on our website and receive SMS verification code to complete the registration. Once you do this you can use your new profile as securely as possible. No outsider will be able to track down the important registration information.

Our site will make you feel as safe as possible and get a code to create an unlimited number of profiles. We provide first-class protection and stable service that works around the clock. That is why you can receive your code at any time of the day. We will also help you solve any problem In particular, there are isolated cases when a cat arrives late or does not come at all. This could be due to any condition. However, we will help you get the code again and complete the registration process.

Is there a difference between a regular and a virtual Tinder phone number?

Technically, you will not see any difference between these numbers. The only point is ease of use because you do not need to manipulate your smartphone. In fact, you only need to buy the required number and use it to create an account. Then you can use this social network and communicate with the people you need.

Important points to remember

It is worth understanding that who are these numbers is very convenient for registering all kinds of accounts and getting the opportunity to communicate with people. You can remain as anonymous as possible by using our service. Moreover, you get the opportunity to create an unlimited number of profiles since we have many interesting numbers for any country. This will keep you as mobile and comfortable as possible.

Another plus is maximum anonymity. Your verification code is available exclusively to you. To do this, you just need to create a profile on our website and select all the parameters you need. Each SMS verification code is sent to users in anonymous format. No one else will see this. That is why the SMS verification code can be used for any site and service.