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How to participate in the affiliate program |

  • Jul 8, 2020, 9:54 AM
  • 5 minutes

Onlinesim is a website to receive text messages online. It allows you to select phones from the database and gain access to various services. Recently, we expanded our SMS options. Now we have an updated database so all users can become referral partners and earn on attracting customers.

It is a real opportunity to earn. No cheating. Use your time and desire to earn. You do not need to spend money on this. You need to advertise the platform and get money for new users. Let's look at the details.

Format of cooperation

Users have a personal account for managing settings. There is a section "Profile" and a referral link. The client receives 5% for each newcomer attracted. The percentage stands out from the money spent by a person. Cash remuneration is paid within three months. There are no regional restrictions. Each user can participate.

  • Here are the examples of promoting your link:
  • Private text messages to friends and relatives;
  • Adding recordings for videos on YouTube;
  • Articles and posts on the Internet;
  • Forum posts.

Each user can use an alternative channel to attract a customer base. Money is credited after replenishing the account of a new client. Withdraw the earned money to the bank card. Another option is Qiwi, Yandex.Money or cryptocurrency. There is also an option to pay for a phone verification service. My account contains text statistics for newcomers and total earnings. You can track the profitability of each client.

An active audience will buy phones for SMS and make you profit. The program is active by default. You can use an online chat to consult all referral partners. Here you can also add screenshots and links. Now let's check how to activate it.

How to activate the affiliate program?

Participation in the referral program is available to all users. Here is the sequence of steps to activate it:

  1. Visit the OnlineSim website and open your profile;
  2. Copy your Referral URL (it's on the page bottom);
  3. Publish this link anywhere you want;
  4. Check the statistics and money you've earned;
  5. Withdraw money using one of the payment options.

The money will be credited to your account after your referrals replenish the account and choose some paid options.

Main pros

The main advantage is passive income. Place your link and invite people. More people make more money. Collaboration is beneficial for bloggers with a large audience. It is enough to indicate the card details. The niche of fake phones is not very developed, so the promotion of content will not be difficult. It is effective if you have an audience. You need a minimum of effort to advertise online. Optimize text articles, reviews, or social media posts and explain the basic principle of the company.

Text and graphic content belong to the low-frequency category—no need to do 20 daily publications. Start with friends. It is suitable for passive income. Indicate the link in your Facebook profile or Instagram.

You can replenish your internal account at the expense of attracted customers. It will help to spend money on text SMS, proxy servers, and rental lines. Users with active followers on social networks can earn good money. The minimum withdrawal amount is 3.33$.

This amount is collected on the first day. Start with a hot audience who is interested in such options. At a minimum, you will save money for personal needs on the platform. The most successful partners receive several thousand dollars a month.

It does not replace full-fledged work. But we recommend trying this type of earnings. Here are the reasons for this:

  • It's free;
  • Minimum time for creating advertising content;
  • The ability to get money regularly;
  • Detailed instructions on the site;
  • The freedom to withdraw earned money.

The final cash depends only on your skills. Read our tips carefully to attract a new audience.

How to create content?

We recommend you to talk about the benefits of the website with your leads. Start by reviewing toll-free numbers and virtual features. Describe the benefits. Tell them how to fund your account and activate codes. The website menu contains a list of countries and websites. Each client can activate a profile on social networks and sites.

You need to focus on anonymity. Internet resources will not receive real user data. Each client can get a long-term rental room. Get text SMS with verification codes.

Indicate that codes are coming to the site. We guarantee a refund if registration fails. Besides, we also offer mobile proxies. The cooperation program covers all options. Create a video and describe all the Onlinesim features.

It will be excellent if you find thematic forums or the public. Create a publication describing the main benefits. Testers, SMM managers, and programmers may be interested in your offer. It will also be interesting to increase likes and subscriptions. Adding new accounts allows you to disseminate information and make a profit. Your audience will get favorable conditions.

Create video instructions for choosing options. Beginners don't know the principle of virtual telephony. Take a screen capture and give a master class. Show the price coverage, type of options, and the available countries. It would be enough. Tell your audience about promotional codes and regular bonuses. Discounts allow you to save money for rental options.

Tell customers how to change your number apps. Users need fake phones. Most of the traffic is targeted at united state mobile numbers. Select a channel to transmit information to your target audience. Focus on the phone verification procedure. The company has PVA phone numbers. Do not forget to indicate them in the text description. Focus on mobile verification. Say you tested it on our audience, and it gave a good result.

Fast money – easy to withdrawn

You can personally test all aspects of cooperation with us. It really works. Attracting a large amount of people can be difficult, but it's profitable. Registration is simple. To participate, you only need to copy the hypertext and paste it on any site.

We can attract thousands of people if you can. This way, you can earn enough money with text activity. It's best to create content in the format of articles and videos. Add codes to Instagram and other social networks. It works best. Good luck to you!